What to do on a School Trip to London

Make the most of your school trip to London with these curriculum visit ideas
February 20, 2018

In our nation’s capital, it can sometimes be easy to forget just how much we have to explore on our own doorstep. Here at Adaptable Travel, we’ve made it our business to ensure that we don’t overlook the abundance of cultural, historic and scientific experiences that are so easily accessible to us here in the UK and delve into how beneficial these experiences can be for building a school trip to London itinerary.

We’d like to share some of our London school trips with you to show how much there is ready and waiting for your students to discover - and much closer it is to home than you’d expect:

Bespoke London School Trips

You only have to Google image London to see its stunning architecture, historical landmarks, beautiful museums and vibrant multi-culture. There’s so much to do and see in London that whilst we offer specific subject and tourist spot trips, we also offer bespoke trips that allow you to choose where you take your students. From Leicester Square to the West-End, Westminster to Oxford Street, the education your pupils can receive in London is limitless.

We’ll tailor-make your itinerary and link your curriculum to the city’s major destinations whilst keeping costs down and cutting out paperwork!

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London Theatre Trips

Whether it’s Shrek, Wicked, Les Mis or Shakespeare you want to wow your students with, rest assured that London’s theatre scene is second to none and is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all. We keep up with all the latest shows and offer a range of fantastic theatre workshops to help inspire and grow the confidence of your budding drama students. Similarly, we have links with the Pineapple Dance Studio, Theatre Work Out and many other world-class productions.

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London History

You can’t go on a school trip to London and not learn something about the history of this magical city! London’s history is brimming with some of the most significant events in British history and is brought back to life through the many museums and landmarks that cover the city, exploring 2000 years of history.

We offer suitable history trips for KS 3-5 and promise to make them as memorable and exciting as the events that inspired them.

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London Science Trips

Immerse your students in a world of science that will ignite their senses and spark their interest in Physics, Biology and Chemistry. From the Natural History Museum through to the London Planetarium, and from the new Centre of the Cell to the L’Oreal Young Scientist Centre - take science out of the classroom and see how it evolves!

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London Geography Trips

Although perhaps London doesn’t scream school Geography trip, the reality is that London is densely populated and hugely multi-cultural, making it a versatile and interesting human geography hub. Due to the economic, social and environmental problems of human land use and population settlement, London is full of geographical excursions ready to be discovered by students.

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London Business & Economic Trips

London is one of the world’s largest financial centres and home to the Bank of England and the London Metal Exchange, amongst other financial giants.Rather than just hearing about economy in theory, bring your students to the beating heart of finance and watch them learn about business markets and how to succeed in a global business environment.

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London Religious Studies Trips

Don’t know if we mentioned it before… But London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world! With that title brings a range of over 200 languages, many different faiths and therefore an array of places to worship.On this trip, your students will get the opportunity to learn about Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and many more religious and non-religious beliefs alike. Often described as ‘The World in One City, London gives students the opportunity to experience religion in a unique and immersive environment.

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London Art & Design Trips

London is renowned for its creative and artistic scene; it also boasts a range of incredible famous galleries and museums. Offering insights on historical and modern art alike, there are so many places to experience the artistic talents of London, your students will be spoilt for choice whilst having their creative juices ignited!

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London Film & Media Trips

With modern media still very much dominating British culture and on the cusp of a digital media revolution, there has never been a more exciting time to bring your students on a school media trip to London.

London’s hub of newspapers, technology, advertising, TV and film production companies inspired by the diverse range of people and stories around London, make it the perfect destination for your students to see the media frenzy first hand.

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London Computer Science Trips

As the new Computer Science curriculum comes in, we have ensured our latest Computer Science trips cover all bases. Including a visit to the National Museum of Computing and the historic Bletchley Park, there are many IT-based attractions around London waiting for your students to explore.

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London Psychology and Sociology Trips

Psychology and Sociology are two of the fundamental elements that make us humans human. With an equal mixture of psychological and sociological attractions, this trip is bound to have a huge impact on your students.

Visit the Freud Museum, the Natural History Museum and The Holocaust Exhibition to give your students a real-life insight into the workings of human psychology and how sociological theories came about and work.

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Primary School Trips to London

Not all of our school trips are working towards those all-too-precious GCSEs; no, our aim is also to inspire.

London is a fantastic place to educate your primary school pupils about the world, their country and their capital city. With world-class museums, historical landmarks and culturally vibrant city, London is the place for a cross-curriculum trip that will be tailored to the wants of you, your school and your group.

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