TourTrust is Adaptable Travel's comprehensive school tour safety system, designed with the well-being of your students at the heart of every educational trip.

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What is TourTrust?

We understand that organising school excursions involves much more than just educational planning. The safety and security of your pupils are paramount, and with TourTrust, we ensure that this aspect is comprehensively covered, whilst making your life as a teacher and tour-organiser, as simple as possible

Commitment to Safety and Excellence

Continuous Improvement and Feedback Mechanisms

Externally verified

Transparency to help teachers comply and have peace of mind

Empowering Teachers

TourTrust is dedicated to not only providing safe, educational trips but also empowering teachers with the resources they need for comprehensive risk assessment.

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Access to Detailed Risk Assessments

We can provide you with in-depth risk assessments for every aspect of the trip. These documents offer detailed insights into the safety measures in place, covering transport, accommodation, and various activities.

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Simplifying School's Risk Assessment Process

Understanding the time and effort that go into school-based risk assessments, our resources are designed to streamline this process. By offering clear, concise information, we aim to simplify your preparation work, making it more efficient.

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Peace of Mind for Teachers and Parents

Our approach ensures that teachers and parents alike can have complete peace of mind. By transparently sharing safety information and procedures, we reassure everyone involved in the trip that student safety is our utmost concern.

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Transport Safety

Coach Companies

Stringent Selection and Safety Standards: We partner with coach companies that adhere to rigorous safety standards and have a proven track record for reliability. We audit coach companies via our comprehensive risk assessments.

Regular Maintenance and Safety Checks

Coaches we use undergo frequent maintenance and comprehensive safety checks to ensure the utmost safety and comfort during travel.

Qualified & Experienced Drivers

Each journey is entrusted to highly qualified and experienced drivers, committed to maintaining the highest road safety standards.

Accommodation Safety

Suitable Accommodations

We select accommodations based on criteria, focusing on safety, location, comfort, and suitability for student groups.

Regular Safety Audits

Regular audits and risk assessments are conducted to ensure ongoing compliance with our high safety standards. You can access these for your tour on request.

Choice of Options

We will provide you a range of accommodation options at quotation stage to choose the suitable option for your group.


We categorise all excursions we offer as part of our packages. Our excursions are categorised by risk levels, ensuring appropriate safety measures are always in place.

Low-Risk Activities

Locations, attractions, buildings or sites (not involving water immersion) that are regularly open to the public and where students are more involved with looking rather than doing.

Moderate-Risk Activities

Locations, attractions, buildings, or sites (not involving water immersion) where there are potential risks to students relating to the environment, process, or activity. Clients will be directly involved in an activity which may be unfamiliar.

Elevated-Risk Activities

Higher risk activities, venues or events that involve an element of activity requiring specialist instruction or training and may involve equipment. For example, outdoor and adventurous activities, riding and caving.

Water Immersion Risks

Attractions and venues that specifically feature water immersion. For example, swimming pools, water parks and spas.

Comprehensive Safeguarding Policies

Adaptable Travel follows best practice standards as detailed by both the NPSCC and the Department of Education and regularly reviews and evaluates its practices to ensure continuous learning and improvement.