10 of the Best European School Trip Destinations

Discover the best European school trip destinations
October 17, 2017
Looking for some school trip ideas on where to take students for an unforgettable and educational school trip in Europe? We’ve put together a list (in no particular order!) 10 of the best places in Europe to go on a school trip.

1. Iceland

Kirkjufell, Iceland

The land of fire and ice! One of the most and unique and exciting geography trips a student will ever have is amongst the stunning geysers, mesmerising black beaches, breath-taking glaciers and of course, the magical Blue Lagoon. Take your students on the trip of a lifetime where they’ll get to experience a country like no other that will transport them away from everyday life and into a land held firmly in the grasp of Mother Nature and her unpredictable but extraordinary ways.  Adaptable Travel offer our free Project Iceland student workbooks to help you and your students truly engage with this wonderful country.

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2. Berlin

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Berlin is a city of powerful history, thought-provoking art and innovative science; making it the perfect destination for school trips centred around a variety of different subjects. Head to the Berlin wall for a sobering experience of surprisingly recent history, explore the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag or get inspired in the Life Science Learning Lab.

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3. Ypres

Thiepval Memorial

Encouraging students to learn about a war that occurred over 100 years ago isn’t always easy, despite how important it is. Immersing students in the battle environment of Ypres helps to bring the horrors to life in an educational and inspirational way. Walk through the trenches; hear tales of triumph and woe to introduce the next generation to one of the most significant wars in European history.

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4. Paris

Unsurprisingly, Paris is the most popular European city for school trips. With heaps of culture bursting at the city’s seams, Paris is a wonderful place to soak up exciting history, cutting-edge fashion, famous and unique art, beautiful language and world-class shops. Paris is perfect for many types of trips from Art & Design, to Science & Business.

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5. Krakow

Krakow Old Town

Ideal for Religious Studies, Business and Sociology & Psychology trips, is the eye-opening Krakow. Flooded in dark but fascinating history, a trip to Krakow explores the contrasts in different faiths and how influential they’ve been in causing social divisions. Krakow is home to multitudes of historic churches, educational museums and other inspiring experiences that will leave students with a new perspective. Whatever you do, don’t forget the hat and gloves!

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6. Florence

A stunning city full of art, culture and exhilarating history. Take in some of the world’s most famous art, wander the buzzing stone streets, barter at the square’s markets or cosy up in one of the many traditional Italian cafes and enjoy an authentic gelato or a fresh caffé. Florence is a unique city boasting unbelievable architecture holding secrets of old, powerful Italian families.

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7. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is renowned for its incredible history, cultural attractions and is also a fantastic destination for Science and Film & Media studies. With a huge range of different museums to adventure around, Amsterdam will leave students with a newfound appreciation for Holland’s beautiful cobbled streets, unique architecture as well as the history of Anne Frank and World War II.

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8. Auschwitz


A destination that really should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially a history student’s bucket list. Auschwitz’s haunting past is one that needs to be told and be experienced to understand. As one of the best-preserved concentration camps in Europe, students will leave its walls feeling emotional but enlightened. This is an incredibly moving trip, which will have a lasting effect.

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9. Strasbourg

As the home of the EU, now has never been a more interesting or perfect time to take students to Strasbourg. Ideal for history as well as politics and language students, Strasbourg is filled with rich heritage, delicious cuisine and political ideology; Strasbourg is an incredibly interesting and educational trip.

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10.  Budapest


The beautiful capital of Hungary offers a huge amount to students. As a hub for business and finance with businesses such as Coca Cola and Nuclear Power, students can enter into a world where classroom taught theories can be seen in action. Coupled with this, is the outstanding contemporary art that the city holds in its centre. A mixture of traditional charm and a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle make Budapest a dynamic and interesting school trip.

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