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What to do on a school trip to Lisbon

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What to do on a school trip to Lisbon

Lisbon is one of our newer destinations and is already proving to be incredibly popular as a school destination! Lisbon is attracting a huge range of tourists at the moment; from school trips to hen dos, cultural trips to family getaways, Lisbon has a little bit of something for everyone - especially for schools!

Lisbon offers fantastic insight for an abundance of subject areas including history, art, languages, religious studies, science and business. Renowned for being a very safe city and one of the oldest in Europe, it is built on seven hills that overlook the stunning River Tagus and showcases exciting, genuine Portuguese culture.

On your school trip to Lisbon, you will experience a plethora of unique attractions including historic streets, UNESCO World Heritage sites, palaces, churches and museums. This vibrant city will have you and your students hooked from the moment you step off the plane so we want to tell you some of the best activities that we can offer you in fabulous Lisboa:

Lisbon Stock Exchange

A visit to Euronext is a fantastic way to immerse your students in real life goings ons of the leading European stock exchanges in Europe. Students will get the chance to see all the behind the scenes goings on in real time to get a fantastic understanding of how it all works.

Benfica Stadium Tour

The Estádio da Luz is the home of SL Benfica, currently the most successful Portuguese football team. The stadium opened in 2003 and has played host to some of the biggest football matches, including the UEFA Euro 2004 Final and the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final. This huge 64,000 seat stadium is one of the biggest in Europe and has a distinctive architectural design that adds an extra impressive element. A tour of this incredible stadium provides an inside look at the huge logistical operations that are required for a successful?match-day, making it a fantastic trip for the football fans of the group!

Fabrica Santa Anna: Ceramic & Tiles Factory

This tour is brilliant for an Art & Design school trip. Here, your students can fully embrace their creative side by not only just observing art, but creating it too. Here, we can offer a workshop run by Fabrica Anna, who have been creating handcrafted ceramics since 1741 and are still using the same techniques today. Your students can learn from the experts and might end up leaving with a brand new hobby or idea for their exam!

Fado Museum

The Fado Museum is a great tour for both music and history students. Here, they will learn all about all the history of the famous Portuguese music genre, Fado, which traces back to the1820s. As a city, Lisbon has deep roots in the tradition, culture and history of Portugal so it’s important that whilst you here, you take every opportunity possible to immerse your students in the culture, so that they can experience authentic Portuguese culture.

Pasteis De Belem (Belem Cakes) Visit

This tour will go down splendidly with your students! Give them a break from the more academic tours by visiting a bakery that specialises in Belem cakes! Here they will witness the production process from start to finish of this famous delicacy which dates back to the early 1800s - it has now even become a staple of Portugese?cuisine! This short tour is an interesting visit to learn even more about the culture and history of Portugal (whilst indulging in a delicious cake too).

Lisboa Story Center

The Lisboa Story Center is one of the best places in the city to learn all about the history of Lisbon. Your students will be able to explore a range of exhibitions that highlight the most important parts of the city’s history that have helped shape the people and culture of Lisbon today.

National Museum of Natural History and Science Lisbon

Take your science students to the Lisbon Science and Natural History Museum, which is part of the University of Lisbon. The museum’s aim is to "promote curiosity and public understanding of nature and science". The museum certainly achieves this with their impressive collections which span more than 250 years. Focussing on areas such as Zoology, Anthropology, Geology and Botany, this museum is well worth a visit?if you’re interested in having a little walk through time.

Pavilhão de Conhecimento - Science and Technology Museum

This museum is perfect for learning all about growing technologies and the science behind them. Filled with interesting exhibitions, from celebrating women in Science to playful interactive exhibits, there is something to spark the interest of every student. Their current temporary exhibit is focused around the mobile game, Angry Birds, which is a fun and interactive exhibit where you get to play the game in real life!

Sintra Day Visit

Sintra is a highly unique, beautiful and pretty magical destination. Around a half an hour drive from Lisbon, this town is filled with incredible architecture from the region’s many palaces and mansions. Inspired by the Romantic period, the castles stationed on stunning rolling hills are all highly unique and intriguing with one in particular looking like a Disney castle, boasting a bright yellow, pink and green exterior. In recent years, Sintra has become one of the most popular day trips from Lisbon and it’s very easy to see why!

Quinta da Regaleira

Following on from the day trip to Sintra, it’s worth knowing about Quinta da Regaleira, which was added to the UNESCO world heritage site in 1995. This palace is one of many incredible buildings in the Sintra area and along with the main palace building, the site also houses a chapel, park, grottoes, fountains and incredible 'initiation' wells or 'inverted towers’. T

hese are just a few options from our list of Lisbon school trip tours, to see the rest of what we can offer here at Adaptable Travel, head here.

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