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Restoration plan of Rome's Gladiatorial Amphitheatre unveiled

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Restoration plan of Rome's Gladiatorial Amphitheatre unveiled

Plans for the £25 million restoration of Rome’s most famous monument the Colosseum have been unveiled this month which is welcome news for all teachers looking to organise a school trip to Rome. The Colloseum, a symbol of Italian history and culture, is to undergo a €25 million restoration project to make it more interactive and accessible to visitors and school trips.

The schedule of the restoration project of the Colosseum was unveiled earlier this month, with the main emphasis of the restoration being focused on the northern and southern façade, both of which are to be returned to a brilliant white after decades of air pollution. Teachers looking to organise a school trip to Rome will be further pleased to hear that the amphitheatre’s basement is to be renovated and a 1,600 sqm visitor centre is to be built increasing accessibility to the monument by 25%.

The project, which was one of the first privately-sponsored restorations of a major state monument in Italy, will take between 24-36 months to complete however the Colosseum which receives 4 million visitors a year will not close at any stage of the restoration process.

Famous all around the world for its magnificent architecture and rich array of historical landmarks, Rome is the perfect destination for all school trips. If you would like to visit Rome and marvel at one of the new 7 wonders of the world why not contact us for more information on school trips to Rome.

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