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National Curriculum changes in 2018/2019 and the school trips aiding them

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National Curriculum changes in 2018/2019 and the school trips aiding them

The National Curriculum is an ever-changing beast. With successive Governments wanting to put their individual stamp on education, we here at Adaptable Travel have been examining some of the proposed changes to the curriculum and picked out some of the headline news and worked out the school trips that will help nurture and inspire students taking on these changes.

On the horizon, there are some key changes that will prompt teachers into rejigging how they teach certain subject areas. We want to help make that process easy and streamlined for you by prepping our school trips to match these new alterations and help your students to learn through immersive, interactive and inspiring experiences that will bring subjects to life and make your job that little bit easier!

Foreign Languages

One of the biggest changes that is being planned by the government is the introduction of foreign languages as a compulsory topic for later primary school children. It’s always been well known that the very best way to learn any languages is to become immersed in a culture. To be placed in a situation that is slightly outside their comfort zone allows students to find their feet with a language and see the intricacies in language between nations. Currently, here at Adaptable Travel, we have a wide variety of Languages school trips to accommodate the growth of foreign language teaching, with convenient short hops across the channel for trips in Europe as well as further afield.


It’s finally time to say goodbye to the more general information and communication technology (ICT) and say hello to the brave new world of Computing. Some schools have been offering Computing for a while now but for others it will mean significant changes in the way the subject is taught. There are plenty of options now for Computing school trips with the National Museum of Computing near Bletchley Park one of our personal favourites. Here, students will have the opportunity to learn about the history of computing and its role for Britain in the Second World War, a fantastic way to bring the world of Computing to life for students.


There haven’t been any root and branch changes to the History curriculum this time around, however, there has been talk of giving students a clear "narrative of British progress" with an emphasis on heroes and heroines of the past. Fortunately for schools, Adaptable Travel has the answer for bringing this to life… One thing that we’ve created is bespoke history school trips to York. York is an absolute must-see for students of all ages and the packages on offer cover learning from Roman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon settlers from over 2000 years ago, through the Industrial Revolution and all the way to Victorian Britain. York is a real gem for any History school trips which focus on British progress.


In science, the big blockbuster change is that now, for the first time, primary school children will be taught about evolution. Getting students excited about science at a young age is absolutely key to creating scientists of the future and one of the best ways to get inspired by science is to see it in action. Which is why we offer a Science school trip to the CERN particle physics laboratory in Geneva. Here, students will have the opportunity to explore some of the latest cutting-edge research that is being conducted every day by scientists at CERN alongside experiencing the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. Even students who don’t take a keen interest in science will be inspired.

We hope that, although a canter through some of the headline changes happening to the curriculum, schools will now have a better idea of some of the new changes and challenges that their school will be facing. Here at Adaptable Travel, we feel that with the right experiences schools and students will be able to meet these challenges head-on and create a successful learning environment.

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