Incredible Geography School Trip Destinations

Looking for a Geography school trip destination? Here are out top picks
January 19, 2018

Unbeknown to most school students, Geography is one of the most exciting subjects they will have the opportunity to learn about - and the trips are even better!

Understanding the world around us is a key part of education and the aim of geography school trips is to the experience our earth’s raw environment in the flesh. There are so many beautiful locations offering fascinating insights into the formation of the earth, how it has affected societies throughout the ages and what it means for our future.

In order to showcase these incredible geographic locations to students in an effective and educational way, we’ve selected some of our favourite geography school trips to share with you:


Swiss Alps

Home to some of the world’s best cheese, the Alps and flawless bus service! Switzerland’s magnanimous mountain skyline is reason alone to take your students to visit but taking a deeper look will leave you pleasantly surprised. As well as mountain formation, Switzerland offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about glacial and fluvial processes, Karst landscapes and orography as well as human industry and tourism. If you want to focus on glacial studies, further investigation can be undertaken on Glacier 3000 which is also home to a fun park and Peak Walk. River processes can also be studied with a guide and walk to Grand-Eau river basin.

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Mount Etna

Whilst traditionally Sicily conjures up a mental image of cobbled streets, bright blue sea and sipping wine on a balcony, Sicily is a hub of volcanology, plate tectonics, natural hazards, agricultural activity, tourism and sustainability. As an island, Sicily is home to both active and dormant volcanoes - including the famous Mount Etna. Mount Etna is a result of the subduction of the African plate under the Eurasian plate, allowing students to see first hand this complex stratovolcano and its associated landforms. If you’re looking for an incredible geographical experience coupled with a beautiful climate, Italy is the place for you and your students.

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Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

Mount Vesuvius

We are industry leaders in organising Amalfi Coast school trips. Heading to Italy to experience Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast is a great way to explore plate tectonics, natural hazards, coastal and tourism management. As well as being able to visit Mount Vesuvius national park and the Phlegrean Fields, you can also take a trip to ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum to fully understand the dangerous and terrifying impact of lava and pyroclastic flows. To bring a different dimension to your geography school trip, you can then take a stunning drive along the Amalfi coastal road or stroll along the Path of the Gods to learn more about the dramatic coastline.

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Cornish Coast

If you’re looking for somewhere close to home, Cornwall and the West Country have so much to offer geography students; from coastal and river processes and landforms to tourism, rural environment and sustainability. With the famous Cheddar Gorge right on your doorstep, students will have the opportunity to learn all about the beautiful Karst landscape. Similarly, a walk along the Jurassic coast will enlighten your pupils about the erosion that has shaped the rocks over thousands of years. Not only is Cornwall a geographical landscape haven, it’s also home to the Eden Project which gives students a chance to uncover and understand the working of a range of ecosystems such as tropical plants, Mediterranean and temperate biomes. Cornwall is so much more than beaches and pasties - make sure you show your students the best that it has to offer!

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