Christmas Market School Trips to Start Planning for 2019

Christmas Markets
December 19, 2018

December and all its festivities is a fantastic time to start planning your next Christmas school trip! We’ve loved planning the Christmas Market school trips this year so we think now is a great time to tell you about the Christmas Market trips we can organise for you that will delight and inspire your students at the most wonderful time of the year.

Our school Christmas Market trips are available in a variety of places all over Europe, from Antwerp to Valkenburg, the variety in culture, destinations and pretzels is vast which gives you a selection of fabulous choices.


We have a couple of options when it comes to Christmas Markets in France, both are as magical and worthwhile as each other but in slightly different ways.

Paris Christmas Markets

From £139

Paris is an incredible city to visit at any time of year but especially during December when your school trip to Paris will be sprinkled with Christmas cheer and festivity! The already picturesque Paris comes even more alive during the festive period with Christmas decorations and Christmas trees never more than a corner away.

There is also more than just one spectacular Christmas Market in Paris - in fact, there are several! With most starting sometime between late November and early December, these wonderful additional delights of the city ensure that your Christmas school trip to Paris will be one your students will remember for years.

Lille Christmas Market

From: £49

The Lille Christmas Markets really light up this gorgeous French town in December and due to its close proximity to the UK, it’s a great town for a shorter school trip.

The festive atmosphere is tangible at this time of year in Lille and will transport you and your students to a winter wonderland. There are more than 80 festive chalets on the Place Rihour which offer Christmas gift ideas, festive figurines, Christmas decorations and delicious festive food. Whilst your students can experience authentic French culture through food and products at the Lille Christmas Market, delights from Russia, Poland, Québec, and Native America can also be experienced here.

In itself, Lille boasts an impressive centre which is placed around a stunning historic market square which is a safe and interesting place to bring your students.


Antwerp Christmas Markets

From: £89

Belgium is well known as being a fantastic country for Christmas markets and Antwerp is no exception! There is a fantastic selection of Christmas markets that take place in the Grote Markt (Market Place) which offer delicious Belgian food, a tangible festive atmosphere and an abundance of stalls selling decorations and gifts that will excite and inspire your students.

The Christmas Markets at Antwerp transform the city into a Christmas fairytale, priding itself on its festive music, sparkling Christmas lights, unique market stalls and generic buzzing Christmas atmosphere. Whilst visiting Antwerp during the festive period, make sure you also visit the Cathedral, Diamond Museum and Ruben’s House.

The Netherlands

Valkenburg Christmas Market

From: £89

School trips to the Valkenburg Christmas Market are a highly unique and memorable experience. The market truly captivates the spirit of Christmas through Valkenburg’s enchanting and delightful nature, set on the hill around a romantic ruined castle.

What makes Valkenburg's Christmas markets so very different are the two unique underground Christmas markets in the Marlstone caves. Albeit cold, this truly magical and atmospheric setting creates a fantastically authentic experience of the town.

As well as this very special selling point, during the festive period, there are semi-weekly Christmas Parades, the ‘Magicalibration’ show and many other Christmas events which contribute to a memorable Christmas experience.


We have two fantastic Christmas Market school trips in Germany for your students to explore - one a more well known one and one less well known but equally as fantastic as a school trip destination…

Berlin Christmas Markets

From: £179

Berlin is a great school trips destination in its own right, regardless of whether you go at Christmas or not. Fantastic for a range of subjects from history, to business studies when you add a sprinkle of the festive season to the city, it comes alive with Christmas magic!

Berlin is a hugely popular choice for a school trip to a European Christmas market as it boasts around sixty Christmas markets throughout the city. Berlin offers a great base from which to enjoy the festive cheer whilst at the same time taking in some of the famous sights of this great city.

Cologne Christmas Markets

From: £59

The city of Cologne sparkles at Christmas with its seven unique Christmas markets. The big four Christmas Markets are at the Cologne Cathedral, on the Alter Markt, on the Neumarkt and on the Rudolfplatz. Although not the biggest of markets, it still attracts 2 million visitors each Christmas and the markets light up the city with festive cheer and culture.

At this time of year, Cologne puts on a show with a range of entertainment throughout the city including Christmas concerts, Nativity scene displays and a huge temporary ice rink that your students will love.

Czech Republic

Prague Christmas Markets

From: £199

Christmas in Prague is truly fantastic. If you decide that Prague is the school Christmas market trip for you and your students, you will discover the beautiful Czech capital becomes magical at Christmas, boasting warmth, dazzling Christmas decorations and a seasonally unique winter wonderland setting which the locals love to share.

It is tradition for local school children, international choirs and musical ensembles to perform Christmas carols to the public which will entertain. your students as they browse. The Christmas markets run throughout December every day with a stunning variety of stalls such as the largest one at Wenceslas Square, Havelske Triste and Namesti Republiky. All of Prague’s Christmas markets are within a 10-minute walk of each other which make them very easy to explore as a group.

All of our Christmas market school trips are bespoke and tailored to meet the needs of you and your group. If you would like to find out any more about these fabulous trips and how to book them, please get in contact with us.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Adaptable Travel!