Best Visits this International Women's Day

March 8, 2019

Since the beginning of March, we’ve only had two things on our mind, International Women’s Day, and pancake toppings.

Women’s History Month will be celebrated throughout March, with special emphasis on the 8th for International Women’s Day, an incredibly important celebration which is recognised and observed around the globe. A beautiful celebration of the women who have shaped our world through art, technology, science, literature and recognising all the other astounding female minds shaping the world and how we live in it. It is not only an amazing opportunity to inspire generations of young girls and women to celebrate themselves and achieve amazing things, but it is also a marvellous opportunity to educate people of all genders and ages on female figures who have broken through the glass ceiling and triumphed in their fields.

With a wealth of events happening in our Capital this month, we’ve tracked down some of the free exhibitions and events at museums around London. If you’re on a school trip this March or are simply local to the London area, it’s well worth exploring some of these fantastic events.

Female Voices Tour - V&A Museum

When: 4th – 31st March 2019

If your group is in London this March and have planned a trip to the V&A, you are in luck. Throughout March the V&A is holding its Female Voices Tour. This is a fantastic free event not to be missed on your itinerary. Meeting at the Grand Entrance daily at 15:00 guides will take students on a special tour, discovering women’s contributions to art and design within the V&A’s impressive collections. Students will be inspired by the roles of women within the museum, and wider sectors and fields, be they patrons or creators, muses or business partners.

Votes for Women – Museum of London

When: Ending 10th March 2019

Running since February 2018 this exhibition closes this year on 10th March, so if you are in London this International Women’s Day catch it before its gone! The display went live as part of the nationwide commemoration, marking 100 years since the 1918 Act was passed giving some women the right to vote. Students can explore and understand the pivotal movement that shaped not only history, but the lives of young girls and women in the UK. Amongst the museum’s impressive suffragette collection is Emmeline Pankhurst’s hunger strike medal, a unique relic of an important period in the UK’s political history. Students can also view a powerful film which reflects on the relevance of this campaign in current climates and how 100 years on this movement continues to inspire as well as divide opinion.  

Women in Advertising – Museum of Brands

When: 1st – 31st March 2019

During the month of March, the Museum of Brands plays host to a short film showcasing how gender stereotypes in marketing and advertising have changed over the past 50 years. The film created by Lindsey Clay, CEO of Thinkbox, a prominent name in TV advertising, explores campaigns such a Fairy Liquids 1960’s adverts, the “Always Like a Girl” campaign Launched by P&G in 2004 and Sport’s England’s 2015 campaign “This Girl Can”. Students can explore the progression of women’s representation in media advertising and how these roles are developing from historical stereotypes. It is sure to engage and inspire all students to thrive for the best and encourage greatness in each other.

Although not in the Capital, we couldn’t resist including this wonderful exhibit in our listing. It has been touring the UK and was displayed in London back in 2017.

Raising Horizons – Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro

When: Ending 25th March 2019

Held in the Royal Cornwall Museum, entrance to both the museum and the Raising Horizons exhibit is free for students 16 and under. This is a fantastic photographic collaboration between renowned photographer and artist Leonora Saunders and TrowelBlazers, an organisation committed to highlighting the work of women in archaeology, palaeontology and geology. The exhibition highlights the work of historical women in these fields and the important roles they have played in the progression of discovery in these areas. Each portrait has been recreated using original photographs, biographies, memoirs and field diaries belonging to the forgotten women of the past. In place of the historical figures are modern counterparts, working within the same fields currently. Raising Horizons is a great tribute to the pioneering women who went unrecognised during their careers, as well as recognition of the women carrying this work on today. Equip students with new knowledge of female presences in science throughout history and shine a light on the women who paved the way for our budding scientists of today!

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