Adaptable Travel encourage all staff to travel to our destinations as this is of great benefit to employees and the company on so many levels. As such, we offer our popular Staff Inspection Scheme.

Who is Eligible: After 6 months employment, you will be entitled to take part in the Adaptable Travel Staff Inspection Scheme, and we will contribute up to 3 trips per financial year on the terms below.

Trip 1: Flight and accommodation contribution

Once per financial year, Adaptable Travel will pay 2 nights accommodation (maximum of a twin), plus 1 return flight to any of our destinations (excluding UK) for each member of staff.


  • Maximum total flight value up to £150 (can be topped up by employee if required). All other associated travel costs to be covered by the employee.
  • Destinations must be different to other staff, for example: only 1 Barcelona visit each year from any employee.
  • A minimum of 1 excursion must be undertaken (excursion has to be from our client excursion list).
  • In addition you may be required to complete various health and safety documents while away relative to the accommodation. This will be defined by the accommodation you are using and if the information is required for our Safety Management System.
  • A travel blog must be completed upon return for submission to our company website and social media pages.
  • Accommodation will be in one of those offered to clients and booked via our agents/ suppliers
  • All trips will use holiday allowance as per normal holiday allocation rules.
  • It is fine to take friends/family and if sharing a room this cost is covered, but any additional associated costs must be covered by you.

Trips 2 and 3: Accommodation contribution

On 2 further occasions each financial year, Adaptable Travel will pay 2 nights accommodation (maximum of a twin) in all of our destinations (excluding UK) for all staff.

Same rules apply as above, but you will need to pay for your own flights/travel arrangements.

FAM Trips

FAM Trips are trips often offered by third parties and usually not a direct benefit to Adaptable Travel. Therefore unless we explicitly state otherwise, all costs associated with FAM trips will be covered by the person undertaking the FAM trip.

Work Inspection Trips

On occassion, you may be required to represent Adaptable Travel to meet suppliers or at events. On these occassions all applicable costs will be covered

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