Covering Other People's Inbox (SALES)


Here are our guidelines for providing cover for when someone is away and you have been assigned to cover them.

The absent team member will send an email to the sales team before they break up with what to look out for whilst they are away/important things to action. Julie will then be responsible for allocating who will cover a staff member’s work and on which day.

Covering Other Team Members

When covering other team members, the key is we aim to leave your team members inbox in as good a place as possible for return.

This does not mean you have to answer non-urgent emails to the detriment of your own urgent emails, but in an ideal world, you should aim to do the following when covering:

  • Reply to all urgent emails same day (or within 24hrs) and take calls for the person you are covering (making notes of the call on Spirit)
  • Add re-costs to Spirit for Ian and send out the requote asap
  • Send out new quotes in the normal manner (including adding details to Spirit)

If you are overcapacity due to your own work being at full capacity, as a minimum if you are on cover you should:

  • Answer urgent emails related to bookings
  • Add re-costs to Spirit for Ian
  • Take calls for the person you are covering

It should be noted if the person is away for more than 2 days, requotes and new quotes will still need to be sent out. Please check the absent person’s task list for recosts and quotes to be typed. Please prioritise requotes as the school is engaging with us and keen to move forward.  

Keeping Organised

  • Emails should be kept organised so the returning team member can clearly see what has and has not been actioned
  • File all completed emails in a folder named ‘Actioned Whilst Away’
  • Leave any un-actioned emails in the inbox – please categorize these emails eg. Red – waiting on option, Orange – waiting on Ian/Spirit etc.
  • Add all notes to Spirit so it is easy for the team member to follow the trail
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