Annual Leave Policy

The holiday allowance starts and ends in line with the company financial year, which is 1st August to 31st July each year. So, your holiday allowance renews as of 1st August each year.

The standard holiday allowance is 24 days per annum plus bank holidays for full time members of staff. This is pro-rata for part-time staff members, or according to your contract of employment.

Requesting Annual Leave

You can carry a maximum of 3 days annual leave over into the next financial year. All holiday booked must be emailed to Kerry who will make a judegement based on current staffing levels.

Part-time Employees

Part time staff holiday allowance is based hours allowance instead of days. To calculate how many hours annual leave you will be allowed, the calculation is:

5.6 (number of weeks annual leave allowed each year) x number of hours worked in a week (rounded up). e.g. someone who works 28 hours per week would be:

5.6 x28 hours = 156.8, so this is rounded up to 157 hours annual leave allowed.

The legal guidelines state part time staff are entitled to a break only after Part time staff are only entitles to 20 minutes break after 6 hours work. Adaptable Travel have enhanched what is required and offer the following:

  • For all days worked up to 4-6hrs, Adaptable Travel will grant 30 minutes break.
  • For all days worked between 6-7hrs Adaptable Travel will grant 45mins break.
  • For all days worked 7hrs+ Adaptable Travel will grant 1hr break.


Where possible, any appointments (including doctor and dentist) should be arranged outside of the core working hours of 10.00 – 16.00 wherever possible. Although, we realise this is not always possible.

Teams call system

Please ensure you log in and log out of MS Teams each working day. It is expected you will be able to answer calls whilst you are working.

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