Please note, we do not offer daytrips. This visit can only be booked as part of one of our overnight trip packages.
Waterloo 1815

Waterloo 1815

Take your students to explore one of the most significant historical events that took place, the Battle of Waterloo 1815. A series of inspiring visits will enable your students to learn and understand key aspects of the battle, from the machineries used to a fortified farm.

The Memorial

Experience one of the most turbulent times in our history as you dive into the heart of the battle in a multi-sensory experience. Full of special effects, journey through 1815 square metre of narrative set design which focuses on the experience of the battle.

The Panorama and the Lion's Mound

Home to the canvas painted by Louis Dumoulin in 1912, measuring 110 metres in circumference and 12 metres high. The Waterloo Panorama shows a key moment during the battle. The Lion's Mound was built between 1824 and 1826 at the spot believed the Prince of Orange, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and the King of Netherlands was wounded on 18 June 1815.

The Hougouhmont Farm

This fortified farm was an advanced position that protected the allies' right flank. Napoleon attacked it on 18 June towards 11:30 am. Here you will explore 4 exhibition rooms coupled with an impressive multimedia show.