Please note, we do not offer daytrips. This visit can only be booked as part of one of our overnight trip packages.
National Sealife Centre Birmingham

National Sealife Centre Birmingham

Dive deep into the aquatic wonders at Birmingham's National Sea Life Centre! Nestled in the heart of the city, this underwater sanctuary is a gateway to a world teeming with marine life, from the vibrant clownfish to the majestic green sea turtle.

Embark on an educational voyage as you traverse through themed zones, each meticulously designed to replicate natural habitats, giving you a glimpse of the awe-inspiring biodiversity of our oceans.

With interactive touch pools, captivating feeding sessions, and an immersive ocean tunnel, students are not only entertained but also educated on marine conservation and the importance of protecting our blue planet.

The National Sea Life Centre is not just an attraction—it's an underwater classroom, waiting to be explored. Come, let your students' curiosity flow with the currents and make learning a splash!