Please note, we do not offer daytrips. This visit can only be booked as part of one of our overnight trip packages.
Kia Oval Educational Tours

Kia Oval Educational Tours

The Kia Oval Educational Tours will give students a 45-minute guided tour visiting the site's most exclusive areas. Following this, the students will undertake a 45-minute subject related workshop.

Adaptable Travel offer this as part of overnight school trips to London. We do not offer daytrips.


What do players eat before the match? What does it take to train as a professional? Find out more and follow in the footsteps of how today's players prepare for International cricket with a tour of the changing rooms, canteen and VIP areas.


Take inspiration from our brand-new kit to design your very own t-shirt for you to take home at the end. Learn all about the history and design of our club logo and what makes the best playing shirt.

Business Studies

Take inspiration from our marketing department to learn how we operate on a day to day business, discovering the key principles and skills. Learn all about the marketing environment and how we overcome the current challenges.

Media Studies

Go behind the scenes and visit where the broadcasters and press go on international match days.  Learn from our marketing department to find out how the media are managed and their day to day operations.


Did you know the Oval hosted the first England International Cricket match, the first ever FA Cup Final & the first England Rugby match? This year we hosted our 100th Test Match and with the help of cricketing equipment and historical memorabilia, you will learn all about the iconic events that have shaped the ground over the years.


Find out how the grass is kept so green and how the playing surface is maintained throughout the year. Students will be given a guided tour showing old and new developments of the ground and discover what is needed to host International cricket.