Gaudi Experiencia
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Gaudi Experiencia

Located next to Park Guell, The Gaudi Experiencia allows students to embark upon an incredible, interactive and 4D journey through the creative universe of one of Barcelona’s most famous architectures, Antoni Gaudi.

The audiovisual exhibition uses state-of-the-art technology which is centred on the genius of Modernist architecture. Within this new 4D exhibition space in Barcelona, students will be able to learn fascinating historical facts, explore famous works and discover what lies behind Antoni Gaudi’s innovative architectural language. Students will also be able to explore the remarkable Biography of Antoni Gaudi and also learn more information regarding his architectural work, decoration and furniture, projects which never got built and much more!

This museum is cultural, fun and educational and thus perfect for any artistic and creative minds. The Gaudi Universe teaching activity is also led by experienced staff, who are able to adapt the contents to the students’ knowledge and also develop their skills suitable to their age and school level.

Gaudi Experiences creates a relaxed setting which promotes learning and also boasts three interactive walls, scale model replicas and a 4D cinema experience.