E3 Trails Paris
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E3 Trails Paris

Adaptable Travel has teamed up with the UK’s premier educational trail writer, E3 Trails, to offer these innovative, interactive fun products as a part of your tour itinerary. Covering a range of European and UK locations, a trail will enhance your students’ experience in a new and exciting way.
Mystery, intrigue and adventure themes are at the heart of the trail programme, underpinned by an on-going competition in a series of iconic locations. Your students will be entertained and engaged by the challenges they face, learning naturally as they solve clues and use each other’s skills and gifts to win the day for their team.

You have a choice of three trails in Paris.

The Paris Adventure is a culturally themed trail, suitable for all KS3/KS4 groups and without the requirement of a knowledge of the French language. Staring at Notre Dame, the trails wends its way through the grounds of the Palais du Louvre and the Tuileries gardens to Place de la Concorde, before taking a section of the Champs Elysées en route to les Invalides before a final, grand, sweep up the Champ de Mars to the Eiffel Tower.

The Paris Apprentis Enthousiaste is for learners of French within their first two years of learning. This Apprentice-style trail requires the teacher to act as an assessor as the teams respond to a total of fifteen fun and engaging language and culture tasks as they progress from the Arc de Triomphe to Notre Dame by a combination of coach transfers and healthy walks through some amazing locations.

The Paris Apprentis Connaisseur  follows a similar path, but is designed for more experienced learners of French, typically year 9 and 10 but with some potential for overlap at either side of that range. Both Apprentis trails lend themselves well to pre-tour teaching and post-tour follow up, all within the overarching theme of learning more about the city and the French language.

With Adaptable Travel and E3 Trails, students do not practise their French. They use it!
Should you wish to visit any of the attractions en route in Paris, Adaptable Travel’s team of consultants are always happy to offer expert advice and assistance.