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Your students now have the opportunity to experience performing arts workshops in the heart of London. These classes and workshops are available over a variety of areas including dancing, singing and acting so no matter their passion your students can a taste for the West End. Groups will experience inspiring insight and get a glimpse of West End life like never before.

Danceworks offer the complete package and can tailor sessions to many various styles such as contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Street, Hip-hop, Musical and more!

An Insight into the West End

This workshop is an all-rounder, allowing your students to get a taste for dance, acting and singing within the style of the musical of your choice. These workshops are perfect for introducing your students to the professional experience of the West End and aiding their understanding of what it takes to work in these productions. Workshops can be tailored to your group’s level of study and range from fun and integrated to professional musical theatre classes.

Whilst this is the most popular option Danceworks also offer various workshops tailored to specific areas.

Dance Workshops

Professional Dance Masterclass

Lead by professional teachers these classes focus on your group’s chosen dance style and is personalised to the requirements of each group. These workshops are offered as one-off sessions or classes held over several days.

Choreography Workshops

These workshops allow students to develop their skills in choreography by learning and utilising professional techniques. Your students will be guided by established professional choreographers and learn skills which they can re-use in their own work back in the classroom.

Singing Workshops

Professional Singing Masterclass

Suited to students of all levels and abilities your group will learn from professional artists from both theatrical and recording backgrounds. These classes will develop your students’ confidence in performing as well as educating them on their own voices and how to use their voices in solo and group performances.

These classes and workshops have been developed by one of London’s leading dance studios with over 30 years of training experience. Groups will be able to engage with professionals and develop their own skills as performers as well as sample the wonders of the West End in fun, innovative lessons.