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Your School Trip Accommodation

Staff Rooming

Unless stated, staff will be accommodated in twin bedded rooms. Where there is an odd number of staff, we will include 1 single room. Where more than 1 single room is required, we will pass on the single room supplement for each room from the hotel.

Key Deposits

Please note there may be a refundable Key Deposit required at check-in from each member of your party. The exact Key Deposit amount varies, and will be advised at booking.  Please be aware Key Deposits can be as much as £25pp, and is at the discretion of the accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you mean by Key Deposit?

A: A key deposit is a small refundable deposit requested by some hotels to be payable upon arrival, to cover the cost of any damages, excessive noise etc.

Q: Do I have to pay a key deposit to the hotel upon arrival, and how much is it?

A: This depends on each hotel, and we will advise accordingly in the itinerary. If a key deposit is required, it is payable upon check-in, and costs any amount from £2-£25 per person. However, this will be refunded at the end of the tour providing there were no problems. Please check your quotation for details of the key deposit.

Q: Does our tour include food at the accommodation?

A: The board basis is detailed in your quotation pack. Most European tours are on a breakfast only basis, with no food included on USA tours. Please check your quote for further details, however, each tour is different so please refer to your quotation and contact us if in doubt.

Q: Do all staff get single rooms?

A: Quotations are nearly always based on staff accommodated in twin rooms, unless requested (please see your quotation). If you require single rooms, let us know and the cost of this can be factored into the tour quotation.  Where there are an odd number of staff, we will always include one single room as standard.

SectionBenefitsCover LimitsExcess
1Cancellation or curtailment charges
Aggregate limit
(£20 loss of deposit)
2Emergency medical & other expenses
Emergency dental treatmentReplacement group leader
3Personal accident
1. i. Death benefit (aged under 16)
Death benefit (aged 16 to 64)
ii. Loss of limbs or sight (aged under 16)
Loss of limbs or sight (aged 16 to 64)
iii. Permanent total disablement (aged under 16)
Permanent total disablement (aged 16 to 64)
2. Death benefit (aged under 16)
Death benefit (aged 16 to 64)
4Baggage (Including valuables)
a) Single article, pair or set limit
b) Valuables limit in total
Group Equipment
5Group money, passport & documents
1. a) Currency, notes and coins
b) Other group money and documents
2. Passport or visa
6Personal Liability£2,000,000£100
Additional Bespoke Features Included
SectionBenefitsCover LimitsExcess
81. Delayed Departure
2. Cancellation of trip (after 12 hrs)
£20 per 12 hrs up to £100
9Missed departure£500£50
10Hospital benefit £15 per day up to £300£0