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Vamoos - Making group travel easier for teachers

Adaptable Travel has partnered with Vamoos to help our group leaders manage their travel documents all in one app.

All you need is a tablet or a smartphone to download Vamoos, it is free, easy to use and optional. By downloading Vamoos you will be able to gain access to:


Your travel documents including itinerary


Excursion vouchers


Weather forecast (5 days)


Maps showing points of interests relevant to your group


Limited or no data abroad? No problem. Once you have downloaded all your documents, these are accessible even offline so data usage is not used abroad.

Download for free for iOS

Download for free for Android

How to make the most of Vamoos with Adaptable Travel

How to download Vamoos?

To download the app, simply click on your chosen platform below.

Apple iPhone/iPad

Android tablet/smartphone

How to access your travel documents?

Once installed, simply enter your user ID and Passcode, which will be provided when you book your educational trip with Adaptable Travel. Then select your name and choose a nickname if prompted to. All documents will be available via Vamoos at least 2 weeks prior to your trip departure.

Please allow Vamoos to access your location even when you are not using the app and allow it to send you notifications (as we may use this option to communicate about your trip).

Your Vamoos reference number

Do I have the latest travel documents?

If there are changes made to your travel documents simply click the refresh button to update your documents.


Click on Maps and Load Offline Maps - please do this a few days ahead of your trip as it may take a short while.

Social Media

Want parents, students and family to know about your upcoming school trip? With the Vamoos Travel App, you can share your countdown page across all your social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Snapchat and more.

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Access Vamoos by computer

You can now access Vamoos from your desktop or laptop. Click here to access Vamoos webpage.

Vamoos by web

Vamoos Web Page Dashboard

SectionBenefitsCover LimitsExcess
1Cancellation or curtailment charges
Aggregate limit
(£20 loss of deposit)
2Emergency medical & other expenses
Emergency dental treatmentReplacement group leader
3Personal accident
1. i. Death benefit (aged under 16)
Death benefit (aged 16 to 64)
ii. Loss of limbs or sight (aged under 16)
Loss of limbs or sight (aged 16 to 64)
iii. Permanent total disablement (aged under 16)
Permanent total disablement (aged 16 to 64)
2. Death benefit (aged under 16)
Death benefit (aged 16 to 64)
4Baggage (Including valuables)
a) Single article, pair or set limit
b) Valuables limit in total
Group Equipment
5Group money, passport & documents
1. a) Currency, notes and coins
b) Other group money and documents
2. Passport or visa
6Personal Liability£2,000,000£100
Additional Bespoke Features Included
SectionBenefitsCover LimitsExcess
81. Delayed Departure
2. Cancellation of trip (after 12 hrs)
£20 per 12 hrs up to £100
9Missed departure£500£50
10Hospital benefit £15 per day up to £300£0