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School Trip Hoodies

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School Trip Hoodies & T-Shirts

Hoodies from £25ppp

Adaptable Travel work hard to make your life as group leader easy! As such, we work with our amazing hoodie partner to provide a fantastic range of awesome hoodies for you to choose from. Customised with student initials, your school name and trip details - a free design service from our hoodie supplier. You will be able to easily recognise your group on tour, your students will be warm and love how they look!

Please Note

Any additions to hoodies may incur extra charges
Additional charges will be added for prints containing multiple colours
Hoodies are only available to be delivered to the UK

How does the order process work?

1. Tell us you would like to add hoodies.

Simply let us know before or after your booking that you would like to order a hoodie. We can either include as part of your tour price if taking before booking, or as an add-on if adding after you book.

Please note, available colours may vary for Junior sizes or zip up hoodies. To view the full list of available colours in these variations click here. Colour availability is limited for sizes XS, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL hoodies, enquire for more details.

2. Hoodie designs and choices from our hoodie partner

Our hoodie partners will contact you to confirm the details and designs

3. Order online

Order your hoodies online via your own personalised shop.  You will have your own online shop set up where you can order your hoodies, like this example.

4. Finally, your hoodies will be sent to your school in advance of your school trip. Simple!

The usual turnaround time for your hoodies is 10-14 days.

SectionBenefitsCover LimitsExcess
1Cancellation or curtailment charges
Aggregate limit
(£20 loss of deposit)
2Emergency medical & other expenses
Emergency dental treatmentReplacement group leader
3Personal accident
1. i. Death benefit (aged under 16)
Death benefit (aged 16 to 64)
ii. Loss of limbs or sight (aged under 16)
Loss of limbs or sight (aged 16 to 64)
iii. Permanent total disablement (aged under 16)
Permanent total disablement (aged 16 to 64)
2. Death benefit (aged under 16)
Death benefit (aged 16 to 64)
4Baggage (Including valuables)
a) Single article, pair or set limit
b) Valuables limit in total
Group Equipment
5Group money, passport & documents
1. a) Currency, notes and coins
b) Other group money and documents
2. Passport or visa
6Personal Liability£2,000,000£100
Additional Bespoke Features Included
SectionBenefitsCover LimitsExcess
81. Delayed Departure
2. Cancellation of trip (after 12 hrs)
£20 per 12 hrs up to £100
9Missed departure£500£50
10Hospital benefit £15 per day up to £300£0