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World War I Battlefield Secrets Unveiled by Archaeologists

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World War I Battlefield Secrets Unveiled by Archaeologists

A team of archaeologists are beginning one of the largest excavations ever mounted into an untouched site where it is believed 28 British tunnellers lie entombed after dying during underground warfare. Considered by WWI historians as the “Holy Grail”, archaeologists have been given permission by French authorities to excavate a large section of trenches and tunnels close to the Lochnagar Crater, a popular site for school trips.

School trips to Ypres and The Somme will be pleased to hear that the excavation team have already entered tunnels left by WWI engineers to find them remarkably well preserved with carved inscriptions unseen for decades. The inscriptions are believed to be final messages from soldiers who dug in terrible conditions to undermine German defences. Adaptable Travel are pleased to say that the long term intention of the project is to open up the excavation site to the general public adding yet another significant historical landmark for students to visit on a school trip to Ypres and The Somme.

For a school trip with great educational value the WWI Battlefields of Ypres and The Somme are a great way for students to gain an understanding of the events of 1914-1918, and experience the conditions of soldiers in trenches. With still more artefacts to be uncovered  in the surrounding area school trips to Ypres and The Somme will never be lost for somewhere to explore and visit. If you are interested in organising an interesting school trip for students why not contact us on for more information on school trips to Ypres and The Somme.

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