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Rembrandt honoured in Amsterdam with very own tourist trail

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Rembrandt honoured in Amsterdam with very own tourist trail

School trips to Amsterdam will now be able to follow a tourist trail unveiled in honour of one of Netherlands famous painters Rembrandt Van Rijn (1606-1669). The painter who lived in Amsterdam for more than 20 years is to have his own tourist trail marking the route he walked between his house and the village of Ouderkerk ann de Amstel.

According to the Rembrandt foundation a commemorative statue will be unveiled annually for the next 10 years along the 9km route taken by the artist to his place of work. The first statue, sculpted by Wim Van Hoorn, depicting a young Rembrandt was unveiled in Professor Tulpplein Square in central Amsterdam of May this year where the trail begins. The trail a welcome addition for all school trips to Amsterdam compliments the already established and celebrated Rembrandt House Museum which is a focal point for many school trips to Amsterdam.

Ideal for walking in Amsterdam has many popular city walks and is compact with excellent public transport links making it a highly accessible destination for school trips. Considered by many as one of Europe’s premier destinations for culture and world class museums Amsterdam is a must see city for any school trip.

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