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NSL 2019 Schools' Day Update!

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NSL 2019 Schools' Day Update!

If you’re not familiar with New Scientist Live (NSL) already, we’ll give you a quick rundown, or you can head over to our New Scientist Live 2019 blog to get all the information you’ll need.

The Rundown:

New Scientist Live is the World’s greatest, biggest and most thrilling science festival, held in London every year, if you’re thinking of going for 2019 the dates to jot down are 10th – 13th October.  The event is home to over 140 brilliant speakers and presenters covering every corner of scientific representation, from engineers, to astronauts, neuroscientists to biologists and so many more! Your students can expect to be wowed by over 120 pioneering and leading companies all showcasing the very latest in technology, ground-breaking research and interactive, immersive experiences for hands on learning. During a visit your group will explore the 5 fantastic themed areas; Humans, Cosmos, Technology, Earth and Engineering, taking part in interactive activities, brilliant demonstrations and unique experiences at every stage.

Schools Day:

As we mentioned in our previous blog, NSL hosts a dedicated Schools Day every year, focused on bringing scientific exploration to life and delivering dedicated content specifically for Key Stages 2 through 4. Each one of the 6 areas, including the main stage will be providing your students with unique and inspirational learning experiences, and chances to get up close and personal with the coolest new technologies, discoveries and breakthroughs happening in science. You’ll even get some learning materials which can be used before and after your visit to make the most of your New Scientist Live experience and help support you, the teachers with delivering the topics covered.

Now for the big news, the update you’ve all been waiting for; The Schools Day Line-up!

New Scientist Live have recently announced their Schools' Day Schedule for 2019. Fantastic speakers will be delivering insight on various topics throughout the day over the 6 interactive areas, promising something for every student to marvel at!

We've got all the details you need to know, keep reading to find out what's in store for your groups this year!


10:45 - 11:25: 'How to Solar System Changed my Life' - Sheila Kanani - KS2 & 3

11:45 - 12:25: 'How to Time Travel in Einstein's Universe' - Emma Osborne - KS3 & 4


10:45 - 11:25: 'The Upgradeable Man' - Bob Flint - KS3 & 4


11:45 - 12:25: 'Measuring Temperature with Sound' - Michael de Podesta - KS2 & 3

13:45 - 14:25: 'You are a Mathematician' - Bobby Seagull - KS3 & 4


13:45 - 14:25: 'The Secret Life of Parasites' - Charlotte Evans - KS2 & 3


11:00 - 11:40: 'LEGO Universe Workshop' - Ben Still - KS4 & 5

12:00 - 12:40: 'Managing Exam Stress amd Anxiety' - Primrose Kitten -

KS3 & 4

13:00 - 13:40: 'The Smelly World of Insects' - Adam Hart - KS3 & 4

14:00 - 14:40: 'Stone Age Tool Demonstration' - All Stages


11:00 - 12:00: ' The Science behind Rocket Man' - All Stages  

There’s still several speakers, guests and presenters awaiting confirmation for Schools Day 2019, but with the line up thus far, and the updates to come this promises to be an inspiring and engaging day for all students!

Keep visiting our website, checking our social medias @AdaptableTravel for more updates and the confirmed line up in the next few weeks!

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Watch this space for further NSL 2019 updates!

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