NEW Ice Cool Visits to Iceland!

NEW Ice Cool Visits to Iceland!

September 9, 2009

Already one of the most fascinating and engaging locations, Iceland has proven again, why it is a must-visit location for school trips.

The rolling backdrop to Game of Thrones, a wealth of natural beauty, amazing natural wonders and listed as one of the best cities for eating out, Iceland has it all! Which begs the question what more could it possibly offer? The answer, lots more!

Here at Adaptable Travel, we keep our eyes peeled and a finger on the pulse of any and all exciting activities for your students, so both yourselves and your students can make the most of school trips.

Keep reading to find out about all our latest picks for visits and excursions that promise to inspire and amaze your students!


The already astonishing Perlan Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland recently expanded, opening a show-stopping new planetarium. The attraction is the first of its kind, boasting spectacular 8K definition, this experience features a beautifully captivating display of the Northern Lights, a staple of any Nordic trip. Not satisfied with letting you simply marvel at the beauty of the display alone; this experience combines the wonder of the Northern Lights with elements of science and art. Take your students on a journey through Iceland’s unique landscapes and the story of the Northern Lights themselves. Combining science with storytelling Áróra explores the science behind the mystifying natural light shows and the historical stories and theories attached to them. Perfect for students from all disciplines this exhibit will intrigue and inspire eager scientists to explore the science of the night sky and the geographical factors of these fascinating occurrences.

Flyover Iceland

Opening in July 2019, this exciting flight simulation sees you fly over some of the most iconic and breath-taking natural wonders of the region. This experience replicates flight over the Icelandic landscape, suspended in full motion seating in front of a gigantic 20- metre wraparound screen. Students will glide over extraordinary glaciers and fascinating fjords exploring all the unique wildlife and mystical peculiarity of this breath-taking landscape. Accompanied by wind and scent effects and a beautifully composed musical score, this experience promises to fully immerse students in a magical flight exploring the island. As if this wasn’t enough Flyover Iceland offers students TWO pre-show experiences. This two-part performance explores the history and nature of this beautiful island and the roles which nature and humanity have played in forming the history of Iceland. Guided on an immersive journey through Iceland’s history, this three-act performance combines video, music, imagery and sound to bring history, nature and mankind's story to life. Split into three acts this production starts off delving into the power of Iceland’s strong and violent natural forces, which have shaped this island. Next students will witness the arrival of mankind, Viking settlers and their history, and the birth and symbolism of the country’s motto “Þetta Reddast”. Lastly, they will discover how Icelandic people have thrived on this island and created a unique way of life on this island.

1238 – The Battle of Iceland

Located in the town of Skagafjörður, North-Iceland, this attraction is accessible from both Akureyri and Reykjavik. The town itself boasts a multitude of attractions and excursions, with this exciting, new Virtual Reality experience the most recent addition to its generous collection.

1238 – The Battle of Iceland is a history museum like no other, inviting guests to experience a crucial part of Icelandic history through stunning virtual reality. Whatever their interest in history this interactive and immersive experience is guaranteed to engage and amaze students of all ages. Integrating exciting technologies into traditional subjects is a brilliant way to translate a passion for history and study into a generation of digital natives. The exhibition itself focuses on the Sturlung Era, arguably one of the most infamous periods of Icelandic history. Using interactive elements, this experience digitally recreates Sturlunga, a period of violence and internal struggle which culminated in a dramatic and fatal civil war across Iceland. At this exhibit, students will experience information about historic battles throughout the country’s history woven into stunning interactive and engaging displays. Virtual reality experiences will give students the opportunity to step back in time and experience one of Iceland’s biggest battles first hand, The Battle of Örlygsstaðir. This battle is credited with shaping the history of this fascinating country and signifies the turning point in Iceland’s independence. Promising to be a fascinating and dynamic educational experience, the interactive digital elements will appeal to students of all disciplines and interests.

Whether a student’s first or fiftieth time visiting, Iceland offers a unique selection of experiences and excursions, guaranteed to make any school trip memorable. Inspire your students to explore the history and culture of this unique location and discover Iceland’s unique role within global science and geography.

Get in touch with Adaptable Travel today and discover what Iceland can offer your students.