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New Entry Fees in Venice - Impact on School Trips

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New Entry Fees in Venice - Impact on School Trips

Venice recently introduced a €5 per person entry fee to enter the city, as explained by the BBC. This has been put in place to try curb some of the negative impacts of over-tourism and benefit the local population, primarily through increased local taxation and reducing large groups.

However, this is not as clear as it sounds, and you may be wondering how this impacts your school trip planning to Venice.

How the New Rules Impact Venice School Trips

Here are some key elements you need to know:

  1. The new Entry fee to enter Venice is only payable by day trippers NOT by groups staying at hotels in Venice.
  2. Limit on group numbers does not come into force until August 2024 and that is still subject to change. The date has been pushed back many times.
  3. This will limit groups to 25 people but only if they have a guide with them. Or guided tours at locations.
  4. It does not limit groups to 25 people who are walking around the city or visiting places such as the Biennale without a guide.

As you can see, the new rules will have minimal impact on the majority of educational tours in the city.

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