More Science Needed

More Science Needed

November 30, 2011

The Science GCSE is not scientific enough, reports SCORE.  The umbrella body SCORE, formed in 2006, claims that many Science GSCE questions could be taken as general knowledge, and that much of the teaching is not based on science enough.

In addition, in March this year, a report by the exams regulator Ofqual urged the government to take immediate action over falling standards in science GCSE.  Sir Martin Taylor, vice-president of the Royal Society, who led the review stated "Our future prosperity will depend on us producing generations of world leading scientists who will develop the technologies on which we can build a strong and resilient economy. That requires science education at all levels that is of the highest quality".

However, ministers did state that despite improvements being needed, British pupils were the best in Europe at maths and science.

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