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More School Trips Needed

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More School Trips Needed

School trips were today given governmental support, with results indicating not enough time is spent learning outside the classroom according to a new report by MPs.

The committee identified safety fears as a reason why school trips may not take place. But if you book your tour with a member of the School Travel Forum, you can be assured the best possible safety standards are adhered to, alleviating safety fears for group leaders.

The report also identified the huge benefits of school trips, and identified that school trips should be an integral part of the curriculum and children’s learning. The Children, Schools and Families Committee found that whilst it supported school trips, children from poorer areas may miss out.

That is why Adaptable Travel are determined to ensure learners from all backgrounds are able to go on school trips. In support of this, we are launching our ‘School Trips for All’ campaign, backed by our Price Promise Guarantee.

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