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Moon Landings 40th Anniversary - Great School Science Trips

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Moon Landings 40th Anniversary - Great School Science Trips

Thursday 16th July marks 40 years since the first manned landing on the moon - encapsulated by arguably the most famous words ever spoken, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

Whether your students dream of becoming astronauts, or something closer to Earth, here at Adaptable Travel we believe inspiration is the key to future success.  And what a better way to inspire your students about science, technology or even civilisation than a real life experience to visit some of the world's premier science hot spots.

Adaptable Travel are able to offer a variety of Science & Technology school trips and college trips including the famous CERN in Switzerland.  CERN are at the forefront of the next generation of scientific breakthrough - the European Centre for Nuclear Research.  Looking for a trip further afeild?  Why not visit Tokyo to see surely the world's most technologically advanced city?  Alternatively, a school trip to London will offer a wide range of exciting options for your group whatever the subject.

Contact us today for a full quotation for your science, technology or indeed any subject focused school trip.

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