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Learn Normandy: What's cool for School Trips!

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Learn Normandy: What's cool for School Trips!

On a school trip to Normandy students can expect to see a region of France that combines 360-miles of outstanding coastline, including the dramatically evocative World War II landing beaches, with a verdant interior of lush farmland, bustling market towns and historic landmarks such as the magnificent Mont St Michelle, France’s most popular tourist attraction after the Eiffel Tower.  Spread along the Channel coastline between Brittany and the far reaches of northeast France, and home to such historic cities as Caen, Rouen and Bayeux, a school trip to Normandy will show an enticing blend of old and new that offers students the perfect balance of learning and recreation on a school trip.

Ever since the armies of William the Conqueror set sail from its shores in 1066, Normandy has played a pivotal role in European history, acting as the frontier for Anglo-French hostilities for hundreds of years and most notably playing a central role during the D-Day Landings in 1944 which sealed its place in the history books. As a result monuments, museums, bunkers and cemeteries are scattered all around the region acting as living commemorations to the monumental events that took place during the Battle of Normandy. During a school trip to Normandy students can experience the sense of gravity that surrounded the area during 1944 by taking a visit to the famous landing beaches of Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah and also uncover the controversy and intrigue surrounding the famous Bayeux Tapestry and William the Conqueror’s role within it.

History has certainly left its mark on Normandy leaving it with a unique character and sense of identity that is unlike any region in the world. By taking a school trip to Normandy students can expect to visit a region rich in history and culture that will enable to them to have a deeper understanding of World War II and the famous invading Normans. With so much to see and do Normandy is the perfect destination for any school trip. Please contact us today for more information on school trips to Normandy.

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