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Learn Berlin: What's Cool for School Trips?

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Learn Berlin: What's Cool for School Trips?

Boasting stunning architecture, great museums, top restaurants and shops Berlin is a capital city like no other. Considered alongside Paris and London as one of the three most popular destinations in Europe to visit, Berlin is embracing its newly appointed status as a creative hub of international repute after its recent turbulent past. Home to such famous and iconic landmarks as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Berlin has developed from a city in transition to a modern cosmopolitan capital city that is perfect for all school trips.

Ideal for all students, Berlin specifically carries great significance as a destination for students studying Nazi Germany and World War II. With a vast array of museums and historical attractions the city brings to life the dramatic events of World War II in detailed fashion ensuring students never underestimate or forget the terrible acts that took place during the war. The city also acts as a premiere destination for all business students as it is home to the headquarters of many leading multinational companies and is considered to be one of the most influential cities in the world.

If you are a teacher looking to inspire your students and would like to take learning outside the classroom why not organise a school trip Berlin. No longer divided between east and west, Berlin is thriving as a modern and exciting destination for all school trips. If you would like to organise a school trip why not contact us for more information on school trips to Berlin.

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