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Iceland Spa Study Trips – The Best Spa in the World

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Iceland Spa Study Trips – The Best Spa in the World

Take your spa students on a wonderous journey.

Imagine walking out of a futuristic glass panelled complex, into the open air of a volcanic landscape. Then, step into geothermal heated, luminous blue seawater that keeps you warm in all weathers at a toastie 39°C, with mineral rich waters that invigorate your skin.

This is what your group could experience on a study trip to Iceland to the Blue Lagoon...and Adaptable Travel now offer study trips there!

If you have a budding group of spa students, then surely there can be no better place to take them than Blue Lagoon in Iceland, often awarded title of ‘Best Spa in the World’.

Your group will be taken on a tour to learn how the spa manages to mix a luxury spa with a finely balanced ecosystem...and why not add a treatment or two to add to this awe inspiring experience!

Add to your trip some of Iceland’s unique sights such as the thundering Gullfoss Watefall, the spouting Geysir and the volcanic landscape – and this could be THE spa trip of a lifetime!

Find out more now or contact us today to request full details.

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