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Hunt for Higgs at CERN

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Hunt for Higgs at CERN

School trips to CERN have been given a glimpse into what they can expect on their visit to CERN in a new BBC documentary.

The BBC Horizon special, ‘Hunt for Higgs’ aired recently on BBC 1, and is now available on BBC iplayer – you can view it by clicking here. The documentary went behind the scenes at the incredibly CERN facility, to look at the hunt for the illusive Higgs Boson particle in action. The program gives a unique glimpse of what school and FE groups can expect on a school trip to CERN.

This is arguably the most exciting time in the physics arena since the Apollo moon landings – helping to inspire future scientists across the UK and Europe. School trips to CERN offer a unique opportunity to inspire the next generation of scientists by taking them to experience some of mankind’s greatest scientific discoveries in the making. By organising a school trip to CERN, your group will get to see how scientists are changing the amazing CERN facilities on the outskirts of Geneva, and how these facilities are helping to change the physics rule book.

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