Going Green

Going Green

September 10, 2011

A Hereford primary school is leading the way and set to go green next term.  Radnor Valley Primary School received a £20,000 boost from a major supermarket to install solar panels.

New Radnor School is one of 80 nationwide benefiting from the grant, in a bid to make UK schools greener.

Headteacher Elaine Richards said: “It is fantastic to be given this opportunity to generate our own renewable energy with solar panels”.

Becoming green is widely being recognised as an important step in tackling climate change.  Here at Adaptable Travel we recognise that our actions have environmental consequences. This is why we have completed our Carbon Footprint appraisal in conjunction with Carbon Footprint.

Following our appraisal Adaptable Travel have offset all Carbon Emmisions via the Worldwide clean energy fund; these are Carbon Offset portfolio with projects verified against the Voluntary Carbon Standard.

In addition, Adaptable Travel offer the opportunity for your group to ofset the emmissions from your school or college trip.

For more information on how to make your educational trip greener, contact us today.