Engineering Award for to Inspire Design Technology Students

Engineering Award for to Inspire Design Technology Students

December 1, 2011

School trips for Design Technology have now become even more important, with a new Engineering competition prize of £1million pounds up for grabs.

Thanks to the Queens new and exciting Engineering prize scheme, there is 1 million pound prize up for grabs.  The new prize, entitled ‘The Queen Elizabeth Engineering Prize’ will offer a new way to show your students how useful and essential Design Technology is across the entire world.   The new prize not only gives everybody a reason to advance try advance British Engineering and claim a life changing prize, but to also motivate the young and creative minds of today, to advance the engineering of tomorrow.

Lord Browne made the valid point that engineering ‘underpins every aspect of our lives’ which could possibly be the reason for the high demand in new advances.  So why not show your students that with the skills learned during Design Technology could benefit the whole generation?  A Design Technology school trip offers a great starting point to put Design Technology into focus, and inspire the next generation of British engineers.

There are approximately 550, 000 engineering companies in the UK, and with the world developing it is crucial that engineering develops with it.  The world is met with constant new challenges such as; climate change, famine, and over-population.  In the past, engineers such as George Stephenson, Isambard K. Brunel and Frank Whittle have used their creativity and skills to help society by overcoming these challenges with their famous designs and advances in engineering.

The Queen Elizabeth Engineering Prize will help to motivate students such as yours into creating something amazing so the world can overcome new found struggles. So why not get your students to take part in this 1 million pound prize for making exceptional advances in Engineering?  Browse our range of Design Technology school trips and contact us today to organise your next Design Technology school trip.