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Charles Dickens 200th Birthday

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Charles Dickens 200th Birthday

If you would like to celebrate Charles Dickens 200th birthday, then speak to Adaptable Travel today to arrange your Charles Dickens themed school trip to London.

The famous Author of brilliant novels such as ‘Oliver Twist’,’ Great Expectations’ and’ A Tale of Two Cities’ would have been 200 years old today.  His novels are famous world over and are still read and spoke about to this day, and many of which have been turned into films.  Arguably one of his most famous books is a special Christmas classic, which plays on everybody’s television screens at Christmas time - the spooky tale of Scrooge and his ghosts.  This story has much in common with other Dickens novels, teaching children all around the world to be nice, and give to others and to avoid being selfish.

A number of events are being held on Tuesday (7th February 2012) to celebrate Charles Dickens 200th Birthday, one of England’s most famous exports. So now is a brilliant time to arrange an English school trip for your students, and spend the day reminding your students of the messages Charles Dickens tried to give people through his famous Novels.

Royal Mail is celebrating Charles Dickens Birthday by marking stamps with pictures of characters from Charles Dickens Novels such as Oliver Twist.  Even the Prince of Wales pays tribute to this famous and inspirational author saying ‘'Charles Dickens remains one of the greatest writers of the English language'.

Many others have commented about this particular event, and it is clear to see Charles Dickens has made a great and positive impact on many people’s lives. So make an impact on your students lives and take them on an English related school trip to celebrate this famous authors 200th Birthday.  Add to that other famous English authors including Shakespeare, and your school trip could yet inspire the next generation of English authors.

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