Willink School Trip to Milan, February 2014

Milan Study Trips
March 5, 2014

The following is a blog about a school trip to Milan in February 2014, taken by Willink School Sixth Form.

A group of Sixth Form students from various backgrounds (non-art, art and textiles) were taken to Milan during the half term break. Whilst there we visited The Leonardo exhibition, seeing the Cenacolo, two exhibitions at the Triennale: one about food and art (Gola), and the other about the things that influence designers (Influenza). We also went to La Scala Museum, up and inside the Duomo (cathedral) , and saw Santa Maria Grazia (highly decorated ceilings), San Maurizio (with the murals inc Noah's Ark), San Satiro with the false perspective altar by Bramante. For the Art Textiles and Fashion students we attended a Coco Chanel exhibition and Vogue exhibition of up and coming talents. We also went to the Burgo Fashion School who work closely with Central Saint Martins and saw the design process, as well as pattern cutting and tailoring.

"I really enjoyed all aspects of the trip, however what inspired me the most was visiting the Fashion school. It helped me with my motivation for my future dreams and goals and what I need to do to achieve it. The opportunity to visit Burgo gave me something to aspire to, had I not have been on the trip I probably would not have been able to have that experience. The museums and galleries gave me different insights and inspirations that I could use in my own work, which was really beneficial." - Art Textiles Sixth Form Student.

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