Why School Trips to Japan Should Happen Now?

Why a school trip to Japan should happen now!
January 9, 2018
Japan is a spectacular country; full of intrigue, unique culture and fascinating history. When we say that now is the time to visit Japan, we don't mean it in a 'this country is up and coming for school trips' we mean that Japan is already a polished diamond that provides a wide variety of educational experiences that can be lost amongst its other attractions.

Japan needs no real preface, so let’s dive straight in and explore why Japan is great for a school trip, especially right now:

Why visit Japan right now?

From 24th July to 9th August 2020, Japan, Tokyo in particular, will be hosting the greatest show on earth. That's right; the Olympics are coming to Japan. One thing we've already started noticing here at Adaptable Travel is that preparation for the Olympics is well underway in Tokyo and areas of the city are already morphing away from their original state to become more tourist friendly. Whilst this doesn't sound like a reason to be put off, in our opinion, Japan is fantastic as it currently stands - in its original state! Visiting Japan post-Olympics will rob you of the opportunity to see it as it is, sans the huge financial injection into tourism. Visit Japan now, before the Olympics puts it on everybody's radar and it changes the face of the city.  

Japanese Highlight

Japan's culture is something that every student should have the opportunity to experience. If you have the chance to plan your school trip for the springtime, we can't recommend experiencing the sakura (or cherry) blossom enough. They are the subject of innumerable paintings and endlessly obsessed over in Japanese poetry. During the spring, many Japanese families can be found enjoying picnics under their blossom. Staying safe while in Japan is also a breeze. In 2014 the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development study ranked Japan as "the safest country in the world."

So what do we offer in terms of schools trips to Japan?

Japanese Art & Design School Trips

From Shodo (calligraphy) to anime, Japan is brimming with opportunities for students to immerse themselves in Japanese culture. There are so many fantastic museums to choose from on a school trip to Tokyo that you'll struggle to fit them all in. For something modern, we recommend a visit to the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art. This would then contrast fantastically with a visit to the Tokyo National Museum which houses artworks of national importance and is the oldest museum in Japan.

Tokyo Science and Computer Science School Trips

Science and Technology is the beating heart of Japan. Students can start their trip in the world famous Akihabara Electronic District where there is every type of electronics shop that you could possibly imagine. One area in which Japan is leading the world is in robotics technology. Another great opportunity is to visit Honda and to see their humanoid ASIMO robot in action and to learn more about the importance of IT within development.

All this can be rounded off with a visit to the Tokyo Game Show, the world's largest annual global game exhibition. This is a chance for students to discover some of the biggest tech companies in the world, such as Microsoft and Sony showcasing some of their latest products. It will also allow students to speak to developers in the mobile app world and gain a valuable insight into this industry.

At Adaptable Travel, we're completely confident that you should visit Japan pre-Olympics to discover a unique experience that won’t be replicable in the future. Become immersed in their culture, divulge into their cutting-edge science and feast on Japan’s delicious food before everyone else does!