What Makes London a Great Destination for School Trips?

June 14, 2018

In short, the answer is: many things. As our nation’s capital, we are really incredibly lucky to have so much to do, to see and be educated by so incredibly close to home. London is a big player on the global stage for many reasons; from economics to culture, theatres to shopping.

So, we all know that London is a great place to visit and boasts multiple attractions for those both familiar with the city and those not so acquainted - but what makes London a great destination for school trips?

As a vibrant, multicultural city that’s coated in traditional and Royal heritage, a school trip to London ticks off the objectives for many different subjects. Packed with unique attractions aimed to capture the imagination of your students whilst also helping them to learn something new, embarking on a school trip to London will be a highly worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Here at Adaptable Travel, we tailor London school trip itineraries for a variety of different durations and subjects. We specialise in tying your curriculum to the city’s best destinations to ensure your students get the most out of their London school trip as possible (it also means you have less paperwork to do too!)

As usual, we’ve pulled together a nice and easy list to highlight some of the top reasons as to why you should take your students on a London school trip:


London is an absolute hub of transport with easy links to around the country (and the world!), this makes it incredibly convenient for school groups travelling in and out of the city. Similarly, as London is (obviously) in Britain, this makes it a super easy option for fulfilling school trip without having to use a passport!

The Theatre

Especially ideal for drama students, is London’s West End which boasts the best theatre scene in the world! With a huge variety of shows to pick from, from Shrek to Shakespeare, Les Mis to Wicked, there’s a show here that will tickle the fancy of all your students. We also offer theatre workshops too with professional performers leading the way. Your students will get the chance to be a part of a unique masterclass that will give them tips and tricks they can use back at their school performances. Also, don’t forget Shakespeare’s Globe!


London has seen some of the most important events in British history, which are brought back to life through the incredible range of museums and historical landmarks across the city. Celebrate 2000 years of history with your students by picking exactly which destinations you want to go to depending on which curriculum you’re following - our history packages will guide you depending on which KS you’re teaching. Learn more about how we break down the KS in our London history trips here.


As mentioned, London is home to a fantastic range of museums and exhibitions, showcasing its status as being at the forefront of modern science. In the city, you will find the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and The Planetarium which are all great places for students to see science in action. Similarly, London now has Centre of the Cell and the L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre which are both definitely worth a visit!

Business Studies

London is one of the world’s largest financial centres, home to major financial institutes such as the Bank of England; it is also the HQ for over half of the UK’s top 100 listed companies. By bringing your pupils on a London Business Studies school trip, they will directly experience business in the modern world and see what they have learnt in the classroom come to life.

Art & Design

It’s no secret that London holds the key to a fantastic and unique creative scene. For your Art & Design students looking for artistic and creative inspiration, London is the place to come! Holding the title of being the culture capital of the world, London is of course at the cutting edge of Art & Design. Boasting brilliant galleries such as The National Gallery, Tate Modern, Design Museum and Guildhall Gallery, your art students will leave London enthralled, inspired and motivated.

Computer Science

London has some great destinations for the newly introduced Computer Science curriculum. On a Computer Science school trip to London, you can rest assured that you will find a dazzling range of educational destinations to pick from. Including the National Museum of Computing, London will offer your students the chance to learn about the history of ICT, dating right back to the 1930s as well as visit the National Museum of Computing which help put into content what your students will be learning at school.