What Geography School Trips have to Offer

Discover what these incredible Geography school trips have to offer
March 2, 2018

What School Geography Trips have to Offer

When people think of school trips, geography is always the subject that lends itself the most to getting students out in the classroom and into the real world. However, gone are the days of taking students down to the local woods to name all the different types of trees or just doing a footfall survey on the town high street. Here at Adaptable Travel we're bringing school geography trips into the 21st century with a range of excursions that give students a wider understanding of the world around them and set them up brilliantly for their future geography endeavours.  

Our scope of school geography trips are vast and exciting, with each trip away offering new insights, knowledge and unique experiences. We’ve gathered a handful of our specialised geography trips, each showcasing a different dimension of the wonder of geography - all of which can be tailored to your group.

Check out some below:


Swiss Alps

Switzerland: the land of chocolate, clocks and cheese! With over 60% of the land in Switzerland being covered by mountains we can't think of a better place to take students on a geography school trip. There's plenty of activities for students to sink their teeth into including a visit to the Langgletscher Glacier or the Aletsch Glacier (the longest glacier in Europe). With Switzerland's fantastic and reliable transport, these glacier visits are easily accessible and come fully equipped with a handy guide in order to give students the best experience of Switzerland. All this can be rounded off with a trip to the Gruyere Cheese factory….Educational and delicious!



With a selection of stunning day trips, this unusual mix of plateaus, valleys and desert is sure to inspire an inquisitive geographer. With trips to the Glaoui Palace at Telouet and the Plain of Haouz city, Morocco has options both high and low; all the way up to Jbel Toubkal mountain which has an impressive height of 4,167m (although we wouldn't recommend an ascent unless you're feeling particularly adventurous!). If students ever find themselves pining for the UK on this geography trip then then can always try some ‘Moroccan whiskey’, or tea (non-alcoholic!) as it's more commonly known. Tea has been the national drink of Morocco since 1854 when it was introduced by the British.  



Birthplace of the sonnet and located just 1.5 miles from Italy's main coast line, Sicily is a real gem of the Mediterranean. One trip that we're particularly proud of here at Adaptable Travel is our geography school trip to Mount Etna. Once thought to be home to the Roman God of Fire, Vulcan, Mount Etna now offers students the opportunity to explore an active volcano, view lava caverns from previous eruptions and all against the backdrop of the stunning Ionian coastline. Other options include visiting the World Heritage site of Syracuse or striking out with a visit to the Cavagrande del Cassibile Nature Reserve.



As a quarter of the country is below sea level, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Holland is prone to flooding. However, with their system of dikes over 7000 square km of land has been reclaimed from the sea. Students can learn all about water and coastal management with trips to the Maeslant barrier and the Kinderdijk UNESCO Windmills, there's plenty to do to keep students interested. If the Gruyere cheese factory in Switzerland didn't tickle your fancy, with our Holland geography trip there's the opportunity to visit the Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Clog Factory!

West Coast USA

West Coast USA

The West Coast of America is bursting with spectacular, magnificent and unforgettable geography that your students will carry with them forever. The states of California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada that are filled to the brim with unbelievable natural (and man-made) phenomenons. From gigantic cities, to eerie ghost towns, rivers and man-made dams to the grand canyon, gorges and death valley, there is so much to see here and so many possible itinerary routes to choose from! You can pick a town, a small location or 4 whole states to explore depending on what you want your students to see.

The trips listed above are just a brief cross section of the geography school trips we offer here at Adaptable Travel. But we hope they've given you an idea that geography trips can be dynamic and diverse and there's never been a better time to book one.

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