Top Tips: 5 Perks on Berlin School Trips

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January 31, 2020

Finding the perfect school trip destination that combines engaging curriculum learning with culture and enrichment can often seem an impossible task, particularly when budget, travel and student safety must be carefully considered too. Berlin is a destination which makes this task that bit easier!

Working on school trips to Berlin for a number of subjects we know the city like the back of our hands, and all it can offer your students. We’re summing up the best reasons to visit the city and how your group can make the most of your time, so for those of you looking at Berlin for a school trip keep on reading.

Brandenburg Gate

1. Safe Space for School Trips

When it comes to a school trip, safety is a major priority when selecting a destination. Although Berlin has plenty to discover to keep your group busy the city still manages to maintain a safe and relaxed environment for tourists and locals alike. The liberal and accepting feel of the city means Berlin welcomes everyone with open arms, offering something for any visitor to sink their teeth into. The relaxed atmosphere and familiar feel of the city and its people allow groups to travel through the city’s many sights feeling safe and secure, exploring all the city has to offer with ease and enjoyment.

2. Culture Hot Spot Berlin

simply oozes culture from hundreds of museums and galleries housing artistic masterpieces and modern works to its quirky European atmosphere and UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered around the city. The contrast of modernity and antiquity existing side by side throughout Berlin’s streets both recognise the city’s rich history while embracing its role as a modern European hub of activity, creativity and more. Roaming through the city, your students can digest more about German National identity and how the city fits into this, offering plenty to discover, leaving your group itching to come back.

3. Discover a History Hub on a Berlin School Trip

As well as having a rich history tied to its German identity and culture, Berlin has been at the centre of some of the biggest events and occurrences in modern history much of which features throughout the history curriculum. From its significance at the epicentre of a sinister Nazi Germany to the rise and fall of the infamous Berlin Wall, Berlin acts as an open air classroom for understanding these topics further. Despite the city’s turbulent history Berlin’s is truly a story of turbulence out of which a positive, liberal and alternative city has emerged. As you and your students explore the city, many of its museums, monuments, and attractions will reflect on the history that has shaped the city, paying tribute and remembrance to adversity and struggle while celebrating the rich and positive elements of its intriguing story.

4. Victual Visits

When planning school trips for food technology and catering students, you might think that Germany simply pales in comparison to other countries renowned around the globe for their food. However, the city not only offers German staples from sausage and stews to schnitzel and pretzels but it also boasts some of the best budget friendly street eats going. As well as this, Berlin also plays home to a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, letting your students explore what makes the perfect combination of cuisine and hospitality.In the past years Berlin has also dived head first into Vegan food culture, offering plenty of options for both meat and non meat eaters, great for travelling with large, diverse groups such as schools. Whether you're travelling with a food technology group or simply hunting down some tasty treats on your curriculum trips Berlin is sure to leave a lovely taste in your mouth!

5. Creative Canvas

Berlin’s creative boom is one that has spanned decades, story boarding its history of changing political and social atmosphere in the city. The visits sprinkled throughout this bustling city span numerous creative disciplines and styles offering plenty of inspiration and insight to students whatever their art style and influence. As well as boasting a fantastic collection of masterpieces from contemporary art to photography Berlin is unique in its dynamic street art scene. Huge portions of Berlin’s cityscape are adorned with imaginative murals and pieces reflecting the city’s politics, humour and creativity.

Berlin’s quirky charms and unique experiences are endless, offering something new and exciting to discover with each visit to the city. The breadth of visits across the city make Berlin the perfect destination for subject specific school trips as well as cross curriculum trips, allowing schools to maximise their school trip experience by combining classes into one jam-packed trip.

If you’re interested on more information on our school trips to Berlin get in touch with a member of our friendly expert team and start planning your group’s perfect itinerary today!