Top 10 London School Trip Attractions & Visits

March 3, 2020
As the biggest city in England, school trips to London have plenty of choice for all ages and subjects to explore, whether discovering cool and colourful Camden or sightseeing in the Centre your group will be spoilt for choice.Whether you’re a connoisseur of the city’s best spots or a first-time visitor we’ve narrowed down our favourite London visits and attractions to help you get the most from your time in the city.

Without further ado, our top 10 London visits!

1. London Eye

An undisputed staple of any visit to London is the London Eye, celebrating its 20th year overlooking the city this year, the iconic wheel has become an iconic element of London’s skyline. Rising 135 metres above the River Thames’ South Bank the London Eye contends with some of the world’s tallest of its kind, offering unparalleled 360-degree views of the city. Nestled alongside some of the city’s other key landmarks the London Eye is the perfect addition to a day spent exploring the city’s hotspots.

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2.  Tower of London

As one of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Tower of London has borne witness to over 1000 years of London’s rich history, preserving it for future generations to discover. As you and your students unravel the story of the iconic tower you will discover more about its uses from a royal palace to the infamous prison. Amongst the treasures housed in the tower today you will catch a glimpse of the Crown Jewels, perhaps the most famous heirloom of the British Monarchy.Packed with informative guides and staff your journey through the tower will immerse your students in the unique history and heritage of the site, including the story behind its famous ravens.

3. Shakespeare’s Globe

William Shakespeare is a name synonymous with literature and one that resonates with students of all ages, from introductions to in-depth analysis Shakespeare features heavily throughout curriculums all over the UK. What better place to bring his work to life than in the authentic replica of his very own Globe Theatre?Located along the bank of London’s Thames River the Globe sends Shakespeare’s traditional works hurtling into the future, coupling contemporary twists with the timeless endurance of Shakespeare’s works. Whether your group opt for a theatre performance, guided tour or workshop the Globe is sure to give your students a lasting appreciation for this literature icon and his revolutionary work.

4. British Museum

The British Museum is located in Bloomsbury and plays home to a staggering eight million pieces dating back to various periods in the British Empire. Through its collection, the museum showcases the changing face of human history including developments in art and culture. As your students explore the museum, they will stroll amongst over two million years of history witnessing how the world they know has evolved. Key curriculum topics feature heavily throughout the extensive collection, including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Vikings and Roman Britain.Navigation through the museum is available in a number of immersive and engaging ways from audio guides, objects trails and tours, not to mention the numerous talks throughout the day. Whichever way you and your group decide to experience the museum the jam-packed galleries promise a welcome boost to classroom learning and bring the curriculum to life!

5. Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is an absolute must-do for any educational or enrichment trip to London. As well as being undeniably educational the museum, its collection and interactive activities make learning truly fun for students of all ages. The beautiful museum building houses an impressive collection aimed at promoting an understanding of the natural world and how this has evolved, adapted and changed over time. As the museum takes your group on a journey through millennia of natural life, students can marvel at pre-historic giants, tracing them forward to their modern-day relatives. The journey will also broaden their knowledge on natural geography and how this shapes our world with examples such as volcanoes, ecology and the incredibly contemporary issue of climate change.

6. V&A

One of London’s most iconic and dynamic museums is the V&A, opened by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1857 and playing a major role in London’s cultural identity ever since. The museum itself is the largest in the world of its kind, dedicated to applied arts and design and brilliantly showcases a diverse timeline of human creativity and design evolution. The diverse collection is divided amongst 5 key areas; Asia, Europe, Materials & techniques and Modern with the final area housing temporary exhibitions. As your students explore the museum and its collection, they will gain a deeper understanding of how art and design evolves around the world and the artistic influence felt by a multicultural approach to design and creativity.

7. West End Shows & Theatre

The West End is at the very heart of British Theatre showcasing some of the most incredible theatrical talent the UK has to offer and an opportunity to experience jaw-dropping international shows running in the city. Strolling down Shaftesbury Avenue the electric atmosphere radiates in the air surrounding London’s famous theatres rivalling an evening in New York’s Broadway District. Boasting 6 theatres on Shaftesbury Avenue alone, there are productions and plots to suit any group from musicals to comedies and dramas to historical productions all promising the quality, excitement and excellence of a West End experience.Get in touch with a member of our expert team to find out more about West End shows and group availability.

8. Tate Modern

Housed in the deceptively industrial shell of Bankside’s former Power station is the fantastically colourful, quirky and fascinating Tate Modern. The contrast of the building’s aesthetic is testament to the incredible collections and exhibitions inside. Boasting unique collections showcasing modern and contemporary masterpieces and immersive, sensory gallery experiences in its artist rooms the Tate Modern is a fantastic portal into modern art, photography and creative disciplines.

9. Body Worlds

Body Worlds really is an experience like no other, taking you and your students on an immersive journey through the human body in a fascinating new way. Exhibitions featuring genuine examples allow your students to explore human anatomy and biology, recognising the functions that make humans human and the effect these have on the body. The plastinates on display in at the attraction offer a unique glimpse under the skin, from major muscles to the tiniest of veins your students can explore how each element combines to make nature’s most impressive machine; the body.

10. Thames River Cruise

London is a city bursting with life, bustling with activity and swept up in a constant ocean of movement, keeping any visitors engaged and intrigued from start to finish. A unique way to absorb some of the cities dynamic atmosphere and take in the sights while avoiding the bustle of the big city is to explore the city on a Thames River Cruise. Cruise leisurely down the iconic Thames and take in the sights dotted along its banks, from the Houses of Parliament and ‘Big Ben’ to Tower Bridge and The Tate Modern. As you navigate down the river you will witness examples of London’s many architectural styles, a testament to the diversity and eclecticism felt in the city. Take a load off, avoid the crowds and see more of the city in a leisurely, unforgettable way.

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