The 5 Best Business & Economic School Trip Locations

Financial District
September 19, 2018

Business and economics are some of the key lynch pins in our society; they’re a crucial barometer by which we measure success. Despite their importance, Business & Economics as subjects, can’t just be taught in a classroom - they have to be experienced to allow students to gain that understanding of what really makes business tick.

On that note, here at Adaptable Travel we've curated a number of fantastic Business & Economics school trips for all your future Captains of Industry to experience it all first hand.


The crossroads where European politics and business merge, trips to see the European Parliament and Commission are a must. The key executive and legislative bodies for the European Union will give students a real insight into one of the world's biggest political and economic projects.

Just down the road from Brussels lies the city of Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world. Here, students will be informed about the whole diamond process - from diamond mine to fiancee's finger. Also, interestingly enough Brussels International Airport is the world's largest chocolate selling point so make sure you take advantage before you head home!

New York

The hustle and bustle on Wall Street begins at 9:30am sharp when the bell is rung at the New York Stock Exchange and trading carries on at a brisk pace until 4pm when the closing bell is rung. On this Business & Economics school trip, students will be transported right into the heart of New York's financial district. Take a walking tour of the area before heading to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and then onto the Museum of American Finance which celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship that made America great. All this can be capped off by taking in the spectacular views from the One World Trade Center Observatory.


The number one financial district in the world and for many schools it's only a quick train trip away! Once the very centre of the British Empire's economy, London still boasts an impressive array of industries. At the heart of London is the Square Mile and the core of that is Mansion House where students will be given an insight into the history of London as an international finance centre.

Just across the road is the Bank of England where budding economists can experience a number of exhibits relating to the work currently carried out by the Bank. With it being London, there are also a range of other fabulous landmarks and exhibitions to visit - another day trip may be needed!


It's often said that the next century will belong to China so it makes sense that the teaching of Mandarin as a language is increasing in British schools. This Business & Economics school trip to China can take students to both Beijing and Shanghai. Highlights include a visit to the 2008 Olympic Park, to study the legacy of the Games and their impact on the local community.

In Shanghai students will have the opportunity to partake in a guided tour around Lujiazui locality in Shanghai, one of the most important financial centres in the world, and then take a trip to the top of the iconic Oriental Pearl TV Tower with it's panoramic views.


The brightest jewel on the river Danube, Budapest is the City of Baths that now welcomes in hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. One tour that we're particularly proud of here at Adaptable Travel is to the Interspar Hypermarkets which explore the notion that competitive capitalism has now come to Hungary, replacing the old Soviet Communist system. In Hungary, students will also gain an insight into consumer trends which will be invaluable in the wider context of their studies.  

We hope that these 5 fabulous trips have given you an idea of the range of Business & Economics school trips that are offered here at Adaptable Travel. Further information on any of the Business & Economics school trips can be found here.