Show-stopping Theatre Trips

Theatre Trips
March 22, 2019

Theatre and performance art are an important element of everyone’s lives across the globe, even if they may not realise it! If it was not for a sturdy foundation of theatre, films, television and entertainment wouldn’t exist as we know it! Although technology has come on leaps and bounds, allowing us to use and enjoy fantastic visual effects across film and television, there’s nothing quite like experiencing the thrill of the live theatre!

Creativity has been shaping our world for hundreds of years, through creative outlets, performance and art. Humans have evolved with a deep-rooted connection to music, performance and art, without which we wouldn’t have our favourite albums, must-see films and the show-stopping theatre performances that draw hundreds every year.At Adaptable Travel, we recognise how crucial artistic subjects as a creative outlet are and value their place within the curriculum. We understand that recognising this is important to keep theatre and performance alive, inspiring the next generations of William Shakespeares, Glenn Closes and Alfie Boes.

This World Theatre Day we’re shining a light on the brilliant trips and tours we’ve developed, that allow students to explore iconic landmarks such as the West End, Broadway and the birthplace of William Shakespeare himself! We’ve picked a range of our show-stopping visits in celebration and recognition of every part of theatre and performance. These trips promise to be a magical experience for any student, from musicians to vocalists and thespians and technicians, whatever their area of interest.

Please take your seats, the show is about to begin.

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London Theatre Trips

London is famous throughout the globe for it’s magical West End, the dream for many aspiring young performers around the world. Theatre has been a pivotal part of the bustling city for hundreds of years, beginning in the 16th century and flourishing here ever since. This rich history coupled with state-of-the-art modern facilities, and big budget productions makes London the perfect location for theatre and performing arts students.London has an array of engaging visits promising to tailor to every student, whether they want to be centre stage or behind the scenes. We have developed a number of visits catering to every element of theatre possible, while engaging, inspiring and captivating every member of the group from start to finish.

Royal Opera House & Covent Garden & National Theatre Tours

We have two fantastic tours for groups to choose from, both highlighting and showcasing some of the highest quality theatrical productions in the world.Both of these marvellous tours allow students to walk in the footprints of famous performers before them, exploring the very theatres in which they worked throughout their careers. These tours not only take students on a guided front of house tour but allow students a rare glimpse of the facilities and equipment used back stage, promising to inspire and amaze every student, no matter their area of interest. Students will also be taken on a brief journey discussing the history of the buildings and their significance in the global world of theatre. With one being amongst the busiest and most renowned opera and ballet theatres in the world and the other a famous working theatre, whatever their choice, students will be exposed to working life of a truly phenomenal location. Experiencing every element of production from prop, costume and set design to rehearsals, set building and performances.

National Theatre

Royal Opera House  


Performing arts workshops with DANCEWORKS are another fantastic element of a performance and theatre trip to London. Held at one of London’s leading dance studios your students will receive an inspiring insight into life on the West End, engaging and mingling amongst professional dance teachers in a venue that has been training professional performers for over 30 years. These classes are perfect for those groups who have a keen interest in performing allowing them to experience a taste for dancing, singing and acting at a professional level.

These fantastic experiences cater for every student interested in performance, be it dancing, singing or acting. There are a fantastic range of workshops available including:‘An Insight into the West End’, ‘Professional Dance Masterclass’, ‘Professional Singing Masterclass’ and ‘Choreography Workshops’.

These experiences can be tailored to different styles from contemporary to jazz and ballet to hip-hop and street. This opportunity will be a completely unique and memorable experience promising to engage students and inspire them to throw themselves into the wonderfully rewarding world of theatre.

London trips also offer fantastic theatre workshops, visits to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, West End shows and much, much more!

Stratford-upon-Avon English & Drama Trips

Stratford-upon-Avon is the quaint West Midlands market town with a bright and bold theatrical past. Home to one of the most famous names in the history of theatre; William Shakespeare, this location has become a hub for fans of theatre. Trips to Stratford are a unique opportunity to visit the landmark places where Shakespeare penned his famous works, as well as watching these brought to life by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Home to traditional Tudor buildings nestled in amongst the idyllic scenery and gentle river its easy to see why Stratford-upon-Avon inspired one of the greatest playwrights to ever live.

Stratford has a number of fantastic visits and experiences for students to explore, many unique to this area. With its rich history, idyllic settings and theatrical past students will leave feeling inspired and ready to make their mark on the theatrical world!

Royal Shakespeare Company Tour & Workshops

When in Rome do as the Romans do, and when in Stratford why not treat your group to an enthralling Shakespeare performance in his very home town! The Royal Shakespeare owns most of the theatres within in Stratford-upon-Avon giving your group plenty of choice. These fantastic traditional plays are combined with thrilling modern twists, sure to amaze and surprise your students. Wake your students up to the power of Shakespeare and the magic of his work through captivating live performances, with modern elements that beautifully connect Shakespeare’s work with the modern age!

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

On this tour, students can visit the place where William Shakespeare was born, explore his childhood home and the place which inspired him to achieve future greatness! This location has been attracting visitors and fans for over 250 years and for good reason. This typical Tudor building offers a unique glimpse into Shakespeare’s early life and the world he lived in. Students can walk the footsteps of the playwright, exploring where he slept, dined and the early marital home of him and his wife Anne Hathaway. Inspire your students even further with additional visits to other significant locations such as Mary Arden’s cottage, Anne Hathaway’s cottage and Nashes House and New Place, the site next door to Shakespeare’s final residence.

Green Room

Green Room is a fantastic theatre workshop company based in Stratford-upon-Avon, offering tailored workshops to students visiting the area, experienced in working with students from all over the globe. Groups will be able to explore Shakespeare’s plays for themselves, try their hands at stage combat or even experience unique historical performance such as renaissance and Tudor dance. These workshops are developed and designed to inspire and engage your students, promoting strong communication skills and encouraging them to awaken their creativity. Skills students learn during these workshops may just come in handy during their next performance at school!

Stratford is an accessible and budget friendly way to let your students explore some of the most prominent and memorable elements of contemporary theatre. Offering groups, the chance to understand the life and works of one of the greatest playwrights in the world, and how his work has stood the test of time; 4 centuries worth in fact! Home to one of the most famous theatre companies in the world it is sure to amaze and engage your students, encouraging them to bring this inspiration back to the classroom.

New York English & Drama

Start spreading the news, your group could be leaving today! Do you want to be a part of it? New York, New York!

A school trip to this jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring location is the chance of a lifetime for theatre and performing arts students and a completely unforgettable experience. The undisputed home of theatre, the glitz, the glam, the bright lights of the big city, New York boasts a whopping 40 venues located on and off Broadway. Students can live the iconic Broadway dream through its world-famous shows such as; Cats, Wicked, The Lion King and bucket loads more!

Broadway Workshops Tour

Take your students to the very heart of the American theatre industry and the place where dreams come true, with an unforgettable Broadway Workshops tour. Not only can your students marvel at the magic of Broadway, but you can also let them experience this for themselves with hands-on workshops! This fantastic range of workshops include: Broadway 101 – a basic introduction to theatre skills, Theatre in Context – the history and literature of Broadway shows, and Step by Step – a dance master class tailored to the show your group is booked to see. These brilliant, creative work shops promise to give students insights into the theatre world that will live with them forever!

NBC New York Studio Tour

This brilliant tour is truly a one-off experience for students of all ages. Ticking all the boxes this visit promises to be historic, informative and fun for every group that passes through the doors! This phenomenal experience allows students to see the impressive sets of some of the US’s most famous shows. Groups can also explore the make-up departments and dressing rooms, a home from home to the stars! Students also get a chance to produce their own weather segment, giving them a taste of a working TV studio and life in-front of the camera. NBC is a household name and home to some of the most iconic names in US television. As a live and working production studio students will get a real-life taste of all the elements which come together to create what we see from our sofa!

Walkin’ Broadway Theatre District Tour

Broadway is a truly iconic staple in any theatre lover’s vocabulary with an inspiring past and a breath-taking present. Your students can now embark on a sensational guided tour of the glorious Broadway Theatre District. Showcasing approximately 30 different theatres and iconic landmarks your students will be able to experience the heart of America’s entertainment culture and the bright lights of Broadway. This tour is accompanied by fantastic guides as well as a headset which gives further insight from industry professionals such as producers, directors and actors, promising to amaze with backstage secrets and industry insights!

This is truly the ultimate Broadway tour, you group will spend approximately an hour and a half dancing through the streets of Broadway accompanied by exclusive facts and secrets and iconic cast recordings from all your favourite musicals and productions!

New York is an unforgettable experience for any group, home to the biggest titles in theatre, the bright lights of Broadway and ground-breaking TV studios your students will be immersed in inspiring environments from start to finish. This US trip is the ultimate destination for all thing’s theatre and a must for any aspiring performer!

If you’re feeling inspired, pass the feeling on to your students! Adaptable Travel can tailor your bespoke trip to suit the requirements and needs of your group, ensuring you make the most of your time away.

Get in touch today for more information about our fantastic performance arts and drama trips and we’ll do the rest!