Science School Trip to London

Science Live
April 26, 2011


When we arrived in London for Science Live, we had a chance to explore the Science Museum. It was incredible, with so many different interactive exhibitions we could have looked around all day. However, we had a date with some scientists! Walking into the Imax theatre really set the scene for the lecture. The room was huge, with a giant screen that the speakers and experiments were projected on to.

The first speaker was Alastair Griffiths from the Eden Project in Cornwall. He spoke about cells and pollination. The talk was so interesting, we are hoping the teachers will take us to the Eden Project so we can see all of the work they do first-hand.

The host of the event and second to demonstrate was Steve Mould, from Blue Peter. Steve talked about his favourite subject – polymers. The live experiments he did were amazing, even some of the audience had a chance to participate. The experiments brought the science behind polymers to life, it would be so good if we could do the same experiments in the classroom.

Next up was Professor Brian Cox who explained his work at CERN in Geneva with the Hadron Collidor. I never realised how big the collider is. Professor Cox also told us about the Higgs Boson which is the missing particle in all physics equations and showed us some amazing pictures of the universe.

The question and answer part of the lecture was my favourite, as we had the opportunity to ask Brian anything we wanted about physics. The explanations he gave were easy to understand and helped make physics more relatable.

After a break, where we had a chance to speak to the scientists and take pictures with them, we moved back into the Imax and watched Hubble 3D. The pictures from the telescope were astonishing and terrifying as the universe is massive! Although it was meant to be a lecture, it didn’t feel like any lecture I had ever been to.I felt like I learned so much more about science than anything you could read in a textbook. Science really did come alive!!

Written by student Kevin Baker, St Marys Boys