Science Live! Blog - Amazing School Trip

Science Live!
April 25, 2011


We left school very early, to make sure we arrived at the Science Museum in time – but it turned out the early start was well worth it! As we got off the coach, we entered the Science Museum in London and one of the first things we saw was a giant space rocket, apparently part of the Lunar Landings missions! After looking at some of the other amazing!! things in the museum, like an F1 car and Stephensons Rocket we made our way to the IMAX for the start of Science Live!

First up was the Eden Project, who did a short talk about the Eden Project (which I now am desperate to go and visit in Cornwall). He then went on to demonstrate how plants are so important to everything we do – including blowing up the pollinating seeds onto the screen through a microscope.

Then Steve Mould came on to do his chemistry show – everyone loved this! He did some amazing live experiments to demonstrate how polymers work. Some of the audience got up on stage to help with the experiments, which included making crystals and re-shaping plastic. He was incredibly funny and engaging, and we all rushed to get his autograph during the break. I would say this was arguably my favourite bit of the day.

After the break, it was the turn of the renowned Professor Brian Cox. On his TV programmes, it always amazes me to see how he makes complex physics topics so easy to understand – his seminar did exactly that again. He was so inspiring, and I felt for the first time I actually got some of the physics I had struggled with before. He is very inspiring and you could hear a pin drop during his talk as everyone listened. He even stopped to talk with us afterwards - we had photos and he signed my study pack.

The day was ended with an IMAX 3D screening. I have seen a few 3D films, but this was something much better as it felt as if you were actually there in space with the astronaughts.All-in-all, this was an amazing day.

We then headed to our hotel for the night, about 25minutes away. And i must say it was a very impressive 4* hotel with shiny floors and very nice!We went bowling in the evening, and I didn’t win...but then I didn’t cheat unlike some people...

After a huge breakfast, the next day we spent some time at the Natural History museum. We did biology workshop which meant we could learn about the day in a life of a scientist, and made me think even harder about a career in science.

This was a great trip, and made me look at science in a different light, and has definitely made me think about a career in chemistry. It was a great way to start National Science Week, and I am glad I took part.

Written by student Michael Walker from Nottingham Academy