New School Trip Destinations in London

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October 16, 2018

Some school trip destinations have been exhausted. Places that the school has been taking students year after year so that even ex-pupils can recall their trip to that particular cathedral/river/theatre. School trips should also be giving students the opportunity to experience something new, modern and cutting edge rather than just historic.

London Skyline

There are plenty of incredible places to visit in London - and some attractions that really every pupil has to see, regardless of whether or not the school has been taking students there for 20 years; some locations are truly classic. However, it’s important that we don’t overlook the new attractions being created around us. With that in mind, here at Adaptable Travel we're giving you an early insight into some of the best new events, exhibitions and installations that our capital has to offer.

Museum of London Docklands - Roman Dead

This is a perfect trip for a history school trip. This exhibition will allow students to study Roman burial rites and rituals and it even features several skeletons. The Romans were particularly reverential of the deceased, the nine-day festival of Parentalia was held every February where families would gather in cemeteries and make offerings of food to the dead. Roman burial mounds scattered throughout the Empire have been an important source of information about unknown individuals and practices - and what’s even better about this exhibition is that admission is free!

Teeth Review - Wellcome Collection, Bloomsbury

For the budding dentists, medics, sociologists and biologists amongst your students, this exhibit will give all members of your class an appreciation for the wonders of modern dentistry. Before the age of the surgeon dentist, people often relied on herbal remedies and even the local tooth puller as a last resort for their dentistry needs. Needless to say, these locals were in no way medically trained and could even be the local blacksmith! From the first scientific treatise on teeth through to the development of anaesthetic and all the way to Hollywood day-glo smiles, this school trip has it all! (for students who aren't too squeamish…)

The Future Starts Here - V&A, Brompton

For this tech-based exhibit, the Sainsbury Hall of the V&A has been turned into a veritable wonderland of all things technology. The collection on display is an interesting mashup of genuinely useful items that may help people with disabilities, to the Cold War-style products beloved by science fiction, to the downright strange… Anybody in need of a self-rocking cot? Design and Technology students won't know where to focus their attention.

Votes for Women - Museum of London, Smithfield

What better year to visit this exhibit than the centenary of the passing of the Representation of the People Act which gave the vote to all men over 21 years old, but only women over 30 who held £5 of property, or had husbands who did. This exhibition tells the stories of some of the less high profile individuals who were involved in the struggle for women's suffrage alongside the leaders of the movement such as Emmeline Pankhurst. Perfect for any students of History, Philosophy, Political Science or Citizenship.

Fashioned From Nature - V&A, Brompton

This is another fantastic exhibition from the V&A. It does a great job of examining the impact that fashion has on the natural world from the shooting and skinning of thousands of animals for their coats, to the environmental impact of cotton and silk production. Students studying Fashion & Textiles or Art & Design on this school trip will have an opportunity to look at the progress of fashion through the ages from the whalebone corsets of the 19th Century, all the way through the fast fashion of the modern era

We hope that this has given you some inspiration as to the range of exciting new London school trips. There are always new exciting events that are cropping up so keep an eye on the Adaptable Travel website for more of the latest school trips on offer in the capital!