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Milan Study Trip
November 27, 2015

My experience of Milan written by Adaptable Travel Consultant Summor Asantewa-Ampaduh

From the tranquillity of Venice to the bustling streets of Milan, we arrive after a short and comfortable journey on the Trenitalia trains. We walk through Milano Central station, the building is big and bold with beautiful designs carefully placed on the walls. The elegance of the building epitomises the city perfectly.

On our first full day in Milan we make use of their quirky, noisy and chaotic tram system. We notice tram crossings almost everywhere we turn, and it’s soon very obvious that this system is a very important part of Milan’s public transport. The tram unfolds its doors and we hop on, the first thing I notice is the beautiful interior. We have managed to catch one of the original trams; we are taken back in time. The vintage car has shapely wooden seats, hanging glass lamps, brass handle bars and small sash windows. As the tram takes off on its journey, I gaze out of the window and watch Milan go by.

Being in Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world, we decide to partake in a little window shopping. We enter the grand Gallerie Vittorio Emmanuele, it is simply breath-taking. The intricate designs are fascinating, and the building gleams in the light which bounces through the beautiful glass dome. I find myself staring upwards constantly, taking in the pure charm of this four-story double arcade. I look around the shopping centre and notice we are surrounded by very fashionable people, this is the Milan everyone talks about.

Right on the doorstep of the Gallerie Vittorio is the infamous Dumo di Milano, the cathedral is exceptionally large and its Gothic design is truly amazing. The building towers over the square and is definitely the centre of attention with crowds queuing to explore inside. We decide to take a seat in the Pizza del Duomo square and take in the cathedral in all its glory!

Not a far walk from the cathedral we stumble upon the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, inside there are paintings, drawings, sculptures and manuscripts all highlighting Da Vinci’s scientific thought with creative talent. We walk through the exhibition with a handy audio guide which details Da Vinci’s thoughts and methods, truly interesting stuff!

After finishing in the exhibition, we head into the busy shopping high-street. As we walk, I can’t help but compare this part to London’s busy Oxford Street. The street is full of people shopping, commuting and performing. We help ourselves to some Gelato and we also find the much loved ‘Amsterdam Chips’ eatery, amazing chips.
The day is nearing an end so we decide to cool off in one of Milan’s beautiful fountains with a Granita in hand. The surroundings consist of the elegant Sforza Castle, beautiful grasslands and happy people and so we find ourselves content and relaxed. Successful first day in Milan!

On our second day in Milan we are ready to explore the Milan Expo! This is something I have been looking forward to since landing in Italy, and it is no surprise since the expo’s theme is on feeding the planet and energy for life!

Whilst at the expo, we learn a lot about the contradictions of our world when it comes to feeding the planet. There are so many interesting, interactive and inspiring stands and I find myself learning a lot, whilst becoming immersed in a variety of different cultures!

We make our way back to Milano Central Station and wait for our train to take us to our next adventure. Milan was certainly an enjoyable experience, we learnt so much and it was nice to be met with such a stark contrast of Venice.

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