Festive Favourites

Christmas Markets
November 15, 2019

As November gets well underway, it is hard to ignore that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as cities all over the globe shift into the festive season. Here at Adaptable Travel, we recognise this season as so much more than a festive celebration, but as a chance for your students to experience the festive customs and traditions from cultures all over Europe. As the quaint Christmas markets, festive atmosphere and mouth-watering goodies flood the streets of Europe’s most iconic cities this makes a fantastic opportunity to absorb some of their unique cultures on a memorable school trip!  Read on to discover more about our favourite festive locations, helping you pick the perfect location for a magical school trip whatever your budget – It’s a Christmas miracle!

Lille Christmas Market

Nestled in the quaint French town of Lille are the equally quaint but simultaneously lively Christmas Markets. Stretching through the town are plenty of these festive chalets, over 80 in fact, each one bursting with unique gifts, festive trinkets, and delicious festive delicacies. Offering a bounty of tasty treats, festive favours and traditional French culture, Lille promises plenty for your students to explore and ample opportunity to pick up some unique stocking fillers for friends and family back home. As you and your group explore the town’s markets, you’ll have the opportunity to sample cultural delights from all over the globe from Russia and Poland to as far as Native America, as well as quintessential French staples amongst the festive visits, all strengthening your students’ understanding of holiday traditions and symbolism across the globe. As well as the Christmas markets, Lille’s array of local visits offer a fantastic opportunity to discover more about the region’s fascinating history and heritage. Whether it’s an afternoon of biodiversity at Parc Zoologique du Lille or some hours spent browsing 19th century art at the Musee Beaux Arts, a visit to Lille during the festive period promises to enrich your student’s learning experience and inject some Christmas spirit into your group.

Berlin Christmas Market

Berlin is one of Europe’s most popular city destinations, with ample visits and experiences making it a fantastic school trip destination year-round in its own right. However, over the festive period it becomes so much more as vibrant and cosmopolitan Berlin is transformed into a quaint  yet quirky winter wonderland with the festive magic of the Christmas markets showering the city. Playing host to a whopping 60 markets, woven around the must-see landmarks and visits of this quirky European hub, Berlin offers plenty of festive cheer to discover alongside the unique and dynamic history that has shaped the city. As you and your students soak up culture, history and customs, exploring the city and its fantastic festive feel you’ll be sure to notice the unique activities for the thrill seekers amongst your group. One such experience that promises to make for a fantastic memory is the 12-metre-high toboggan track at the annual Potsdamer Platz Winter Magic Christmas Market, which also boasts an ice-rink and curling for those who fancy a little Christmas competition!

Berlin enchants groups all year around with its undeniable fusion of charisma, charm and powerful history, all the more amplified by some festive magic. If you’re looking for the perfect partnership of learning and leisure, we’re sure Berlin has what you’re looking for!

Prague at Christmas

Prague Christmas Market

Picture Prague, the Czech capital is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most uniquely picturesque cities, right? Now picture it glistening with festive sparkle as the smell of roasted chestnuts and mulled ciders fill the air! Beautiful doesn’t even come close to describing Prague at Christmas, a mesmerising and magical experience for any group. As wooden chalets creep over the historic cityscape the city boasts an array of mouth-watering festive treats and hand-crafted traditional gifts, like a scene from a Christmas card. Fused with Prague’s unique history and heritage a Christmas trip to the city with your school seamlessly couples quintessential Christmas with the benefit of a cultural trip, resulting in a trip suited to any group. As you and your group explore the numerous Christmas markets dotted around the city, it serves as the perfect opportunity to soak up the intricate blend of architecture uniquely documenting the city’s historical past. An abundance of festive magic projected against a stunning backdrop of Baroque and Gothic architecture presenting your students with the best modernity and historic charm, all wrapped into one perfect school trip experience. Flaunting a UNESCO listed Old Town, Prague’s scenic cityscape offers much more than aesthetic appeal as the historic architecture and plentiful museums paint a picture of the city’s fascinating history and heritage.

If you are enticed by an opportunity to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities at it’s most spellbinding, Prague is definitely a must for your next school trip!

Christmas in Paris

Paris is a city synonymous with magic and enchantment, from its atmospheric rolling streets to its cultural and historic significance, Paris is arguably one of Europe’s most iconic destinations.  Paris’ magic comes to life like never before during the festive period as a twinkling Christmas cheer settles on the iconic landmarks and quaint Parisian gems the city is famed for. When exploring the city during the festive period you and your group will never be far away from some of the ornate and mesmerising decor scattered around the city, from towering exquisitely decorated trees to the quaint markets offering a taste of festive traditions from around the world there’s plenty to discover on even a short visit to the city. Boasting some of the World’s most impressive galleries and museums balancing time between leisure and learning is effortless, allowing you and your students to experience the rich and colourful history of the city alongside its modern counterparts and seasonal scenery. Of course, Paris is a popular destination year-round as home to some of the most iconic landmarks and tourist hots spots in the entire world, no stranger to tourism the city doesn’t disappoint in its effort during the festive season. You and your students are sure to be mesmerised by the sights, sounds and smells of a Parisian Christmas and create memories that last a lifetime whether learning or enrichment based.

The city’s close proximity to the UK makes a Christmas in Paris all the more accessible, coupled with our fantastic prices a festive school trip to the city is easier than you think!

Other destinations available for our seasonal school trips include Valkenburg, Cologne, Krakow and Antwerp, all offering their own unique spin on some Christmas magic.

Whether you’re interested in sprinkling some festive cheer into the curriculum or simply planning an enrichment trip Adaptable Travel has you covered with our range of magical school trips offering a perfect blend of learning and leisure.

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