Edgbaston School Disneyland Paris School Trip - October 2012

edgebaston school trip to disneyland paris
November 7, 2012

In October 2012, Edgbaston School went on a Disneyland Paris school trip with Adaptable Travel. Their account is told below by students Abir, Sabrina and Anisha.

Disneyland Paris

On Wednesday 17th of October, 61 year 10 students arrived at school in the early hours of the morning. We boarded the coach full of enthusiasm and so we set off on the long journey to Paris. We arrived at Hotel Kyriad where we were assigned our rooms, from here our adventure began. We explored the Disney Village later that night.

The next day we set off to the centre of Paris. First we experienced the beauty of Paris from inside the coach. We then reached outside the Eiffel Tower and took a picture in front of its stunning beauty.

After our lunch we visited the Notre Dame and explored inside for a while. We then visited the Montparnasse tower, where we went to the top to see the astonishing 25 mile view of Paris – a perfect photo opportunity! Dinner was at the Monte Carlo restaurant in central Paris, a true representation of French cuisine.

The following day, our Disney experience began. We wondered around the park and went on all the infamous rides: The Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and some of the more underrated rides. Despite being exhausted, we went to the Val D’Europe shopping complex where we spent our Euros and enjoyed a dinner from a restaurant of our choice.

On Saturday, our final day in the park, we went on our favourite roller-coasters repeatedly. At 5pm, it was time for the parade which promised to make all our childhood dreams come true and it succeeded to do so as we watched our Disney heroes and princesses walk in front of us: Minnie, Mickey, Cinderella and Snow White to name just a few.

In the evening we were allowed to go back onto the roller-coasters if we wished or shop in the Disney Village. To conclude our magical time in Disneyland, at 10pm we saw the firework display, vivid colours were illuminating the dark night sky.

The next day, we awoke early as it was time to say goodbye to Disneyland. After breakfast, we spent our final few moments in our hotel rooms waiting for the teachers to tell us to depart. However, we were not going to leave Paris without enlightening our brains about science and maths, the Cite des Sciences museum was our final destination. We constructed a distance-time graph and a speed-time graph for the tower of terror and a scatter graph to determine if there is a correlation for visitor ride ratings for Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.

The journey home consisted of some people singing Hannah Montana at the top of their voices whilst others slept oblivious to the noise. The trip holds unforgettable memories and it was an experience we will always reminisce about.